Coronavirus’ Impact Forces Wasteland 3 To Be Delayed

The coronavirus outbreak has posed “new challenges” for inXile Entertainment to overcome and as such, a crucial decision has been made to delay Wasteland 3 by several months in order to ensure a “stellar” launch.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, inXile Entertainment confirmed that Wasteland 3 will now release on August 28, 2020. The sequel was previously planned for a launch on May 19, 2020. The nearly three-month delay will be used by the developer to act on feedback received from the closed beta and make necessary optimizations and refinements to the final product.

“We’re in a great position with both Microsoft and Deep Silver supporting our desire to ensure the game launches in the best possible circumstances,” said studio head Brian Fargo, “and to add a few extra months to ensure this is a stellar product on day one.”

After being acquired by Microsoft back in 2018, additional development resources granted to inXile Entertainment were expected to make something special of Wasteland 3. Based on a few hours of gameplay courtesy of an early beta preview, the developer has indeed managed to struck all of the right chords and more. This is clearly a worthy successor to not just its predecessors but also to the original Fallout and in turn for the old-school role-playing fans.

Wasteland 3 has for long been touted as the biggest installment in the franchise to date with a larger budget and a larger world in comparison. Based on the early beta, inXile Entertainment has clearly outdone itself. The sequel seems promising and builds upon the same cornerstone that made Wasteland 2 so impressive, albeit some of that goofy and zany humor will take some getting used to.

Wasteland 3, as another reminder, will now release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 28, 2020.

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