Wasteland 2 Crashes, Errors, Steam Overlay, Save Games, Shaky Camera, Fixes

After a long wait spanning over 24 years, the first official successor of widely-acclaimed science-fiction RPG, Wasteland 2 is available now. Originally planned to release sometime in 2013, the game was delayed a year for further polishing.

While the game has seen massive improvements over its prequel, PC community is plagued with some unwanted bugs and errors, which do not require some sort of rocket science to fix.

I’ve tried to provide detailed fixes to commonly occurring issues. Still, if you have any issue, which is not listed below, throw it in the comments below and I or someone from the community will be willing to help.

Wasteland 2 Crashes While Playing on Windows
This can be a problem with the DirectX and can be solved by forcing the game to run in DirectX 9 mode. In order to do this, right-click on Wasteland 2 and select launch options. In here, you need to add ‘force-d3d9’ with apostrophes.

Gameplay Crashes While Playing on Windows
In order to fix this, you need to go to c:\Windows\Fonts and make sure that you check ‘show hidden files’ from the toolbar. If you don’t know how to do it, check out some basic tutorials on Google/YouTube. Inside the ‘Fonts’ folder, delete the file named UNCLL.tff.

You can also try pressing Windows Button + R on the keyboard and typing in ‘cmd’ without apostrophes. In the Command Prompt, type in ‘cd C:\Windows\Fonts’ without apostrophes and then type in ‘del UNCLL.tff’ again without apostrophes.

Loading Saved Games Not Working
In order to fix this issue, you need to head to the following directory:

Documents\My Games\Wasteland2\Save Games

In this directory, you need to look up a text file named TOC.txt and delete it. After that, restart your PC and start the game again and all your save files will appear.

Shaky Camera
This issue mostly occurs when you connect an external peripheral like a joystick or something like that. In order to fix this issue, simply disconnect all the external peripherals and reconnect them followed by restarting the game.

For better results, restart your computer with all peripherals detached and then connect them again.

Steam Overlay Issue
This issue is fixed exactly like the one with game crashing. You need to force run the game in the DirectX 9 mode to make it work. Right-click on the Wasteland 2 and add ‘force-d3d9’ into the launch options to make it work.

Party Bug with Fletcher
You will note that in Angel Oracle, while returning an NPC called Fletcher, the game will not let you take freed hostage into your party.

In order to fix this, remove a CNPC from your party, have the freed hostage join your party followed by talking to the dismissed CNPC to rejoin your party.

If you’ve any other issues, throw them in the comments below!

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