Call of Duty Warzone Best Tec-9 Loadouts Guide

The Tec-9 has finally arrived in CoD Warzone! It is a highly customizable semi-auto submachine gun. You can turn it into a perfect semi-auto or a classic SMG given the right attachments. We’ve tried our best to put together the best Loadouts for Tec-9 in Call of Duty Warzone so that you can use it optimally!

Call of Duty Warzone Best Tec-9 Loadouts

If you enjoy close range combat, you’re definitely going to love Tec 9 as it specializes in causing more damage at this range. One of the key elements of close combat is speed, one needs to be as swift as possible. To attain and maintain tactical speed, your weapon should be lightweight and responsive.

As expected from any good SMG, the Tec 9 boats a high rate of fire, lightweight mobility, and fast aim down sights speeds.

How to Unlock the Tec-9

Unlocking the Tec 9 is very simple. You just need to reach tier 30 of the Warzone Season 5 battle pass. This straightforward sounding task is a bit time consuming; be mentally prepared to put in some effort to get to the 30th tier.

Best All-Round Tec-9 Loadout

Full Auto Repeater: The Full Auto Repeater is the most important attachment here because it enables full-auto fire for the SMG.

4.9” Task force: This boosts damage range while also increasing bullet velocity and strafe speed. In exchange, it takes a slight penalty to vertical and horizontal recoil control.

Tiger Team spotlight: Others will be able to see the laser, and your aiming stability will be slightly harmed, but it’s worth it.

Raider Stock: Improve ADS shooting move and aim walking movement speeds, as well as sprint to fire time, to better balance the overall construct. Hip fire accuracy suffers as a result, albeit not significantly.

STANAG 48 Rnd: The best ammunition for the weapon. It reduces ADS time and reload speed.

Midrange Loadout

Burst fire repeater: This will help us remain accurate while at mid-range.

6.7” Ranger: It’ll improve bullet velocity without getting much negative recoil control. You may want to go with 8.1” but that would unnecessarily effect your recoil control and not needed while dealing with mid-range enemies.

Microflex LED: Optic, less than 2x magnification perfect for mid-range setup.

STANAG 48 Rnd: Good option to choose without compromising your ADS speed.

Tec-9 CQB Loadout

Full auto repeater: It allows you to get the Tec 9 on fully automatic.

Tiger team spotlight: This increases your mobility, speed and accuracy, which is beneficial in close combat circumstances.

Raider stock: Improve your aim walking movement speed, sprint to fire time, and ADS shooting move speed. Since you’ll be lighter on your feet, all of these perks will dramatically boost your chances of winning close gunfights.

STANAG 48 Rnd: It the largest available magazine size we would want to go for. It’ll not affect our ADS speed as compared to standard 48 round magazines.

Useful Perks

Having a nice loadout is essential but not enough. Picking good perks to go with can do wonders sometimes. Here are some similar perks that goes perfectly with Tec 9 attributes


Tec 9 is more likely to be used as a close-range weapon. It’d go best with overkill. It’ll allow you to grab two primary weapons instead of a normal one primary weapon. This will allow you to have the perfect weapon for every situation.

Heartbeat Sensor

The Heartbeat Sensor is an excellent companion for anticipating danger or tracking anyone who dares to flee your line of sight.


We chose Amped as one of our favorite perks because it helps switching between two weapons quickly. When we needed a reload but the enemy is standing right on your head this could prove very lethal. Really useful.

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