Warzone Season 4 Update Releases Today, New Weapons And Changes

A new Warzone Season 4 update has released today, bringing two new weapon challenges and a number of bug fixes.

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone released yesterday, and with it brought not only some new weapon challenges, but also new maps, a new Outbreak map, new guns, and the promise of a new zombie map in the future. A new Warzone Season 4 update also came out today with bug fixes.

To start off, the update gave us two challenges to unlock new weapons alongside all of the bug fixes. These challenges allow you to unlock the PPSh-41 submachine gun and the Swiss K31, both from Black Ops: Cold War. To complete these challenges, you have to get three SMG kills immediately after sprinting in 15 different matches (for the PPSh) and two headshot kills in 15 different matches for the K31.

While the PPSh challenge might give someone difficulty in Warzone (unless they’re in a team game or a heavily trafficked area), the K31 will likely be much easier, since being a sniper in battle royale is a safe strategy.

On the other end of the Warzone Season 4 update, many bug fixes have been implemented. For starters, an issue where players in the Warzone client would see a placeholder image when receiving a gift has been fixed. A glitch in a challenge for the operator Zeyna that wouldn’t track (specifically her dirt bike mission) has also been fixed.

An issue has also been fixed where the “Soldier of Fortune” challenge would grant a different Calling Card than what was displayed in the seasonal progression menu. Speaking of menus, an issue where if you hover over the “Power Surge” reactive bundle you get kicked back to the main menu has also been fixed.

Finally, the last two fixes among the Warzone Season 4 update released today are that players will now be able to access more than the Options menu while queueing for a match, along with a glitch where receiving the Battle Pass bundle as a gift would also cause your game to crash when you entered the Title Selection menu.

If you’ve been waiting to play Call of Duty: Warzone, now that season 4 has started you can go in and try it out yourself, along with the new challenges and seeing how the new bug fixes are working, to say nothing of everything coming later.

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