Warzone’s Ricochet Now Turns You Invisible Against Cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone has found another way to deter cheaters from enjoying themselves as part of a new mitigation policy of its Ricochet anti-cheat system.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, several players confirmed that Ricochet now turns legitimate players invisible for cheaters flagged during a match in real time.

It appears that cheaters who manage to slip past the anti-cheat are still detected in Warzone based on their inhuman killing spree. They can still play, at least for the duration of the match, but will have their targets completely disappear off the screen upon fire. Hence, rendering their cheats absolutely useless.

The invisibility trick is not the only thing Ricochet has up its sleeve to keep Warzone clean and safe. The anti-cheat has been updated to not only significantly reduce the bullet damage of cheaters but also grant legitimate players with a damage shield for a god mode of sorts against cheaters.

Activision has confirmed that Ricochet will now be focusing on reducing the impact of cheaters in Warzone as well as other Call of Duty games. That is of course in addition to keep learning from cheaters and banning them before they can do any harm. Activision intends to keep a single ban list in the near future where players banned for cheating in one of its games will also be automatically banned in other games, including games yet to release.

The new custom-made Ricochet anti-cheat system seems to be making good progress. Call of Duty: Warzone saw its cheating spree come “to an all-time low” during the holiday season. The number of in-game cheating reports were also significantly reduced during the same period.

Activision has acknowledged that cheating has once again spiked following the holiday break, but which is still lower than the peak Verdansk days.

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