Major Warzone Perks Have Been Reworked With Season 2

Take note that some of the most frequently picked perks in Call of Duty: Warzone have been significantly reworked with the second season.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Call of Duty stats hunter TrueGameData confirmed that the Ghost perk has been reworked to only hide players when they are moving in the game. The change means that calling a UAV will now reveal campers as red dots on the mini-map, making it impossible for a squad to stay put in a room during the last remaining circles of a match.

Taking to Twitter earlier today as well, known Call of Duty streamer JGOD confirmed that the Quick Fix perk has been reworked to heal players faster in Warzone. Using armor plates right after a kill will immediately begin health regeneration, allow players to get back to full health in nearly two seconds.

Furthermore, the Restock perk has been changed to recharge all equipment (except Stim) in 25 seconds compared to the previous 50-second wait time. Stim will take 60 seconds to recharge in order to prevent spam and abuse.

E.O.D, another popular Warzone perk, has had its explosive damage reduction cap increased from 80 to 200. The perk will also reduce non-explosive damage taken by 45 percent compared to the previous 35-percent cap.

โ€œThe changes observed today represent a glimpse of what is to come in Season Three,โ€ developer Raven Software has teased, suggesting that the other remaining perks in Warzone will be reworked as well in time.

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