Warzone Pacific Season 2 Claimed To Have Nerfed Battle Pass XP Rate

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is now hosting its second season but with concerns that the new battle pass has had its progression rate nerfed.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, several players pointed out that their Warzone Pacific battle passes are leveling up much slower compared to previous seasons. Following a four-hour session with multiples matches, one player failed to level up a single tier. In another but even worse example, multiple matches with three wins have seen a player progress a third of a tier on average per hour.

The player-base believes that developer Raven Software has greatly reduced the amount of experience earned so as to force them to invest more gameplay hours into leveling up the battle pass of the second season. However, the progression issue plaguing Warzone Pacific right now does not seem to be widespread.

At least two players have confirmed that while they only managed to hit three tiers, their friends made a lot more progression during the same timespan.

There may as well be a new glitch impacting some players in the second season, which would not be surprising since such a problem was faced in the last season as well.

Raven Software has not acknowledged any nerfs made to the progression rate of the new battle pass. The developer is also yet to issue a statement over the battle pass problem on hand. The player-base will have to keep grinding their Warzone Pacific battle passes in the meanwhile, at least until Raven Software comes forward with a solution.

Last week, game director Josh Bridge confirmed that a ranked mode is being considered for Warzone Pacific. However, the broken state of the base game will need to be fixed first before introducing any new features.

“We want to do Ranked right,” stated Bridge. “We do not want to come out and do it broken.” He reiterated that “timing is crucial” and that the developers must weight “the amount of uplift” versus “other features.”

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