CoD Warzone Hunt for Adler Intel Challenges Guide

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 has officially begun and a lot has gone down starting with the nuking of Verdansk. You’ll have six Hunt for Adler Intel challenges in total during CoD Warzone Season 3, and you’re only required to complete three each for Warzone matches and Cold War multiplayer games. In this guide, we will guide you about how to complete all of these challenges.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 Hunt for Adler Intel Challenges

First, let’s talk about what is new in this season. The zombies have become a significant threat in Warzone season 3. Nuke for cleansing Modern-day Verdansk and Verdansk were substituted by a 1984 version. Players will now encounter this new version and have recent locations to discover.

Season 3 also consists of Hunt for Adler, a limited-time event consisting of Intel challenges which are needed to be completed on time. To unlock the legendary Adler skin, you’ll have to complete three of six quests. However, all three should belong to the same category.

During the Warzone challenge, you’ll have to collect pieces of Adler Intel by going around the map and exploring the locations.

The moment you pick an Adler Intel contract from a location, it’ll vanish from the map. In order to finish the task, you have to get done with the scavenger mission, and you’ll receive some rewards as well.

These rewards are comparatively better than what you would receive in a standard scavenger task.

Intel Challenges

Here are all the Adler Intel Challenges in Season 3 of CoD Warzone.

Intel Contract on Farmlands
As the first Adler Intel is situated in Farmlands, this is your first location to visit. The menu option indicates where you need to go. This location appears to be a tiny room with quadrilateral windows and a bookcase on the top.

Head towards the center of Farmland situated on the upper side. Now go towards the north of the main entrance road of the landmark as the house is located there. You’ll see a large building that appears to look like a church. Now look around and find a house.

When you go into the house, search for the small room with rectangular windows and a bookcase. This will confirm that you’re present at the right location. The location is now getting the Adler Intel and will show up on the map as well. In case you can’t spot it, you may be experiencing an ongoing bug that will be resolved in a few days.

Intel Contract on Summit
Summit location in Verdansk will guide you towards a large building that’s built into a rocky structure. To identify the building, look at the number R306 written on the outside of the building.  Underneath, you’ll also spot a satellite dish, and the contract will be present there as well.

Intel Contract on Factory
For this mission, you’ll see the inside of a building have planes build in a room. You’ll be directed to a more crowded area than the previous two. When you’re close to the superstore, be very vigilant while picking up the contract since you have to keep your cover.

You have to head towards what seems like a room where engineers are building airplanes. It is quite relevant actually since there’s an airport on the map with functioning airplanes. This is all before destroying the airport on the modern-day Verdansk.

Black Ops Cold War

There are three missions you can choose to complete from Black Ops Cold War missions. These are comparatively easier to achieve.

  • Black Ops Cold War: Complete seven games on Yamantu and get rewarded Epic and Sticker.
  • Black Ops Cold War: Use Field Mic, Spy Plane, and H.A.R.P to kill 25 of your rivals and get rewarded Rare and Charm.
  • Black Ops Cold War: By using killstreak, kill twenty-five foes and get rewarded Epic and Calling card.

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