Warzone Companion Gets Big Update After Cheating Incidents

Warzone Companion, an application used by players in Call of Duty: Warzone to track players’ K/D ration in a match is getting an update. After numerous incidents of players dodging lobbies due to high K/D stats, the developers of the applications are introducing an update that changes its dynamic.

In general, Warzone Companion is a useful application for players. Apart from showing in-depth statistics for each player in a match, it can also flag players for cheating. This is a clear indication of how the game will roll out. Also, it shows whether or not you need to watch out for unsportsmanlike behavior. However, everything good comes with its drawback.

So where exactly does the problem lie? Why are the developers bring an update to Warzone companion? Basically, players use the application in the pre-game lobby to check out their opponents stats. In that way, they can dodge games or, as Eurogamer correctly points out, stream snipe content creators. This is generally bad for the game’s current meta.

COD Stats, the team behind Warzone companion has talked with Eurogamer about what they intend to include in the upcoming update. Dmitry Shymko, owner of COD Stats says:

By understanding the importance of discussion we decided to make a change in our app to cut the place for any kind of abuse. Information about lobby players will be shown only after the warm-up. The average lobby K/D value will be displayed only at the end of the match. The average lobby K/D value will be displayed only at the end of the match. These changes were already implemented in our app today.

It will be interesting to see how the Warzone Companion app will be used in the days to come. Will players continue to use it in order to check their opponents stats? Will it see lower usability due to the high amount of players exploiting it? We can’t know for sure but team COD Stats will be able to adjust their efforts after Warzone Companion Beta 0.9 on making it more just and useful for players.

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