Call Of Duty: Warzone Updates Anti-Cheat To Ban Over 50,000 “Repeat Offenders”

Call of Duty: Warzone has been cleansed to some degree following an update to its anti-cheat which banned thousands of more cheaters.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, developer Raven Software announced that more than 50,000 Warzone accounts were banned between two ban-waves in the past week alone. Raven Software noted that the updated anti-cheat specifically targeted “repeat offenders, and much more.”

Cheaters have been wreaking havoc in Warzone since the game was released back in March 2020. The total ban-count has now reached 500,000 since release but which hardly makes a dent because of how players can always return with new accounts after being banned. If anything, and as the Call of Duty humor goes on social media platforms, most of the aforementioned 50,000 banned players are probably already back to their cheating routines at the time of writing.

Back in February, Raven Software assured that it will be “stepping up anti-cheat efforts” to keep the playing field clean. Some of the steps being taken include frequent updates to the anti-cheat, deployment of new cheat-detection technology, and dedicated additional resources to monitor and enforce “consistent and timely bans.”

Last week, publisher Activision took strict notice of a new kind of cheat which was claimed to be undetectable on all platforms including consoles. Activision not only took down all promotional materials advertising the said cheat but also the cheat itself.

Call of Duty: Warzone caters more than 100 million players across the globe. With new cheats surfacing on a regular basis, it becomes daunting for a developer to somehow beat the odds. Within the same vein, removing 500,000 accounts hardly improves the situation. The only silver lining to be had is that both developer and publisher are looking to make the game as clean as possible.

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