Call Of Duty: Warzone “Stepping Up Anti-Cheat Efforts” With Another Ban Wave

Call of Duty: Warzone should now feel a bit cleaner in terms of cheaters who have surged in numbers in recent months.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, developer Raven Software announced that “another ban wave” was deployed to take care of cheaters across Warzone. While the number of accounts banned was not shared, Raven Software noted that it will be “stepping up anti-cheat efforts” to keep the playing field clean.

This is the second ban wave to hit Call of Duty: Warzone in recent weeks. About 60,000 cheaters were banned earlier in the month with publisher Activision confirming that more than 300,000 cheaters have been permanently banned since the battle royale game was released last year.

Activision also recently reiterated promises of upgrading the existing anti-cheat of Warzone for enhanced cheat detections. The publisher will also be deploying “additional detection technology” and “new resources dedicated to monitoring and enforcement” of “consistent and timely bans.”

Last year, developer Infinity Ward noted that it issues hardware bans to make it pretty difficult for cheaters to return. Warzone being a free-to-play game makes it all the more important to have a robust and powerful anti-cheat system. Raven Software has now been handed the grueling task of achieving that goal, at least before it hands the baton over to Sledgehammer Games later this year.

Cheaters however are not the only cause of concern in the game. Raven Software has removed the Armored Royale playlist after players were able to trigger a glitch to become invisible, which has become sort of tradition because players are regularly finding ways to become invisible in the game.

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