Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has an interrogation feature in the works

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will apparently allow you to interrogate downed enemy players to reveal the location of their teammates.

According to a report by Exputer on the weekend, authored by known Call of Duty insider and reporter Tom Henderson, developer Infinity Ward has been quietly working on an interrogation feature for the upcoming Warzone 2 game.

The report notes that the feature is similar to the way Caveira interrogates a downed enemy in Rainbow Six Siege to reveal the position and identity of all remaining enemy players in real-time for a few seconds.

While still in early development, the interrogation feature will be available to all players in Warzone 2 and not just a particular operator.

Approaching a downed enemy player will reportedly show an “interrogate” prompt which will be followed by an execution-style animation. Once the enemy player is killed, the locations of their teammates will be marked on the minimap.

Take note that the interrogation feature will take around six seconds to complete its kill animation. The interrogation will fail if interrupted by enemy gunfire.

The report also mentions some of the other new features making their way into Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The bag system, for example, will allow players to store ammo, killstreaks, and weapons. Bags will be split between three tiers where each tier increases the number of slots to store more items.

Pro Perks will return with Warzone 2 as upgraded versions of existing perks. It, however, remains to be confirmed if players will be able to equip them in their loadouts or will only be able to loot them during matches.

Infinity Ward has been taking a few inspirational pages from Blackout, the battle royale mode of Black Ops 4. Warzone 2 will reportedly feature an armor system where players must first find an armor vest to wear armor plates. The tier of the armor vest will determine the number of wearable armor plates.

Lastly, players will need to be on the lookout for strongholds in Warzone 2. These locations will contain objectives that reward loadouts, killstreaks, and more, but will be guarded by bots.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is looking to release in late 2022 alongside the new Modern Warfare 2.

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