How To Refuel & Repair Vehicles In Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 adds a little depth to vehicles. The new fuel system means that you now need...

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 adds a little depth to vehicles. The new fuel system means that you now need fuel to go around the map.

Just like in real life, every vehicle in the game has a fuel tank and you will need to refuel from time to time if you want to keep using the same vehicle.

If not closely monitored, the vehicle can run out of fuel in the middle of enemies even if it is EV. For that, WZ2 has also introduced a handy fuel gauge to monitor the fuel at the bottom right.

The old WZ1 strategy of flying around in a helicopter as the final circles close in no longer works in WZ2. This is because your chopper is simply going to run out of fuel.

Hence, if you are looking to keep your vehicle to either traverse or mow down enemies, you need to keep an eye out for Gas Stations. They will help fuel as well as repair your vehicles.

The following guide will tell you how to find Gas Stations to fuel and repair your vehicle in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

How to fuel and repair vehicles at Gas Stations

You can refuel your vehicle in two ways. The first is using Gas Cans found all around the map which can be used on your vehicle to restore a small chunk of the vehicle’s fuel tank.

You can always find Gas Cans inside Gas Stations. You can also find them randomly on the map. Make sure to pick up a Gas Can and then interact with your vehicle to start refueling.

Take note that this will take a bit of time. Also, the vehicle cannot be repaired using a Gas Can.

The second method allows you to both refuel and repair your vehicle’s health. You must first locate a Gas Station around the area. There are plenty spread across the entire Al Mazarah map. You can find them indicate on your Tac Map by a Gas Pump sign.

You must then drive inside the Gas Station on your car or boat. If you are on a Helicopter, simply land on a Gas Station.

When you are close enough, you will hear the sound of a bell, and the refueling and repairing process will begin.

Take note that your vehicle’s health (armor) and tires will both be repaired. You can, however, repair your tires manually as well by interacting with them on the road.

This process takes some time leaving you susceptible to an enemy attack. If you are on a Helicopter, you must land it on top of the gas station to begin repair and refueling.

Helicopters are more susceptible to enemy attacks while refueling, so consider the first method, using Gas Cans. If the vehicle is too damaged, you may risk landing on top of a Gas Station for repairs.

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