Warriors Orochi 3 Rare Items Unlock Guide

To get all the rare items in Warriors Orochi 3, you will have to finish the game on hard or harder difficulties.

Warriors Orochi 3 Rare items

Complete the specified task to unlock the corresponding rare item:

Art of Explosives
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Luoyang” with Dong Zhuo, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Art of Medicine
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Sekigahara” with Mori Ranmaru, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Art of War
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Shizugatake” with Zhen Ji, Lu Bu, or Inahime, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Balancing Kimono
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Anegawa” with Huang Zhong or Guo Huai, get 2,000 K.O.s.

Bear Saddle
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Yamazaki” with Zhang He, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Datto Kyahan
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Yohei Seki” with Na Zha or Diao Chan, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Elephant Saddle
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Hu Lao Gate” with Achilles, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Heavenly Robe
In Chapter 1: “Battle of Shou Chun” with Zhang Liao, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Ironclad Tekko
In Chapter 1: “Battle of Nagashino” with Zhou Tai, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Kattan magatama
In Chapter 1: “Battle of Dong Kou” with Sun Wukong, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Kongo Tekko
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Kyushu” with Sun Shang Xiang, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Matsukaze Saddle
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Honnoji” with Ayane, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Musou Armor
In Chapter 1: “Battle of Odawara Castle” with Wang Yuanji, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Musou Kote
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Xuchang” with Sanzo Hoshi, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Red Hare Saddle
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Fancheng” with Xu Huang, Wang Yi, or Jeanne d’Arc, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Seven Star Band
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Nagasaka” with Xiao Qiao, Ryu Hayabusa, or Bao Sanniang, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Shadow Armor
In Chapter 1: “Battle of Ueda Castle” with Nobunaga Oda, get 1,500 K.O.s.

String of beads
In Chapter 1: “Battle of Yi Ling” with Da Ji or Keiji Maeda, get 2,000 K.O.s.

Tough Armor
In Chapter 3: “Battle of Tong Gate” with Mori Motonari, get 1,000 K.O.s.

Vampire Kote
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Mount Ding Jun” with Nohime, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Yasha Mask
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Nan Zhong” with Xiahou Ba, get 1,500 K.O.s.

Yata Mirror
In Chapter 2: “Battle of Hasedo” with Kunoichi, get 2,000 K.O.s.

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