Warner Bros. San Diego Working On A Free to Play Triple-A Game

Alongside the work that Warner Bros. Montreal is doing for Gotham Knights, apparently Warner Bros. San Diego is also hard at work on another Triple-A game, though we know nothing about it for now other than that it will apparently be free to play, and that the studio is hiring.

A free to play Triple-A game is an ambitious prospect that also carries the specter of microtransactions along with it, since a Triple-A game will need a large amount of in-game purchases to try and recover its development costs. Of course, we’ve only just found out about it, and the game apparently hasn’t even really started development yet.

While it might be another licensed game from a Warner Brothers property like Gotham Knights, there’s also the possibility that it might be something else entirely. It could be an entirely new property, and we just haven’t heard about it yet.

There are multiple different properties that Warner Bros. San Diego might use for a triple-A free to play game, but both of the most notable ones, Harry Potter and the DC Comics universe, both have Triple-A games being worked on right now, in the forms of Gotham Knights and Hogwarts: Legacy.

Whatever it is, it’s likely that the game will be announced during this summer, possibly during either the Summer of Gaming or this year’s E3, which will be held online as the coronavirus pandemic still rages around the globe.

It will likely be one of many big games that will be announced for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X this year, as now that those consoles are finally released, many developers will start developing games for them specifically and leave the previous generation behind.

Either way, hopefully whatever Warner Bros. San Diego is working on turns out good, even if the descriptor so far doesn’t inspire confidence in many people.