New Batman Game ‘Arkham Insurgency’ Apparently Previously Starred Damian Wayne

The new Batman game that Warner Bros. has been working on apparently once had Damian Wayne as a protagonist, only for it to be rebooted in favor of returning to Bruce Wayne. The information came from Jason Schreier, who couldn’t give any real remarks about whether Damian was still in the game.

Damian Wayne, in the official DC canon, is the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al’Ghul, who is the daughter of Batman’s arch-enemy Ra’s Al Ghul. He is the fifth Robin and is a more brutal Robin, due to being trained partially by the League of Assassins, and is even willing to kill (though he stops after he becomes Robin).

Damian Wayne is something of a controversial figure among much of the DC fanbase, due to him being Batman’s son, being entitled and bratty, and a number of other reasons. However, he’s popular enough that he’s going to be in Injustice 2 and, apparently, was going to get his own game. Not now, however.

Apparently, the new Batman game will be an open-world game called Arkham: Insurgency, and will star both Batman and Dick Grayson, two years into the period where Grayson has been Robin. The game is also in the same engine as Arkham Knight, and has been in development for around three years.

However, the plot seems to be a mixture of Arkham Knight and Arkham Asylum: A massive breakout has happened, leaving the Gotham City Police Department to block off a large portion of Gotham City and sending in Batman to clean things up. However, Batman’s Rogues Gallery isn’t going to be the main threat.

Instead, the game’s main threat comes from the Court of Owls, a secret society of Gotham’s rich families that aim to control the city behind the scenes.

We may see some additional information about this new Batman game at this coming E3, but for now, you can follow this link to see what we apparently (it’s from an insider so it might be wrong) know so far.