Warner Bros Montreal Listings Point to New Batman Game

Over the past months, rumors of a new Batman game being in development have been in the center of attention. Warner Bros has been posting job listings that point to a new triple-A title coming from Warner Bros Montreal. This game will be played in a third-person perspective. Doesn’t this scream “new Batman game”?

The first time we heard about a new Batman game being in the sights of Warner Bros was about a game with a new protagonist, Damian Bruce Wayne’s son. Rumors want that game to be canceled and instead a new project being in works. This new project is supposedly a reboot of the Arkhamverse and will include co-op and a playable Bat-family. None of those statements are supported by Warner Bros Montreal yet. We’ll take a dive into their listings to see if they hold any relevant information.

The first clue comes from a writer listing, making word of an open-world title with gameplay driven dialogue. It reads:

“The position will include all aspects of the character dialogue within the open world and missions, and will also require a deep understanding of systemic and gameplay driven dialog.”

Another one, this time for a game designer, including keywords like enemy characters, AI, and AAA experience. A third listing for a senior writer reads:

“Be ready to write dialog, combat one-liners, ambient conversations, non-vo descriptive texts and UI texts as required, as well as any other type of dialog required.”

Batman is famous for its combat one-liners so it won’t be far from reality to say that there’s a lowkey confirmation right there. Last but not least, a job listing for a rendering programmer gives out another hint as it searches for someone who can optimize systems for CPU, GPU, framerate, and memory usage. You might remember that the last Batman game suffered in terms of rendering on PC in its first week of release.

As of now, there’s no official word from Warner Bros Montreal when it comes to a new Batman game. We’ll have to wait and see how the project progresses. The publisher seems to be stepping up in their video game scene, with more than 100 job listings currently available within Warner Bros.

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