Warm-up With The Ubisoft Winter Sale. Far Cry 5, For Honor, AC Odyssey And More

It’s about that time of the year again fellas. Christmas is here, and with it, of course, pour in the discounts. Today’s focus is the Ubisoft winter sales. Here you’ll find a list of popular titles who’ve had a price drop just in time for the holidays. Get your wallets out guys, let’s jump into the list.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (50% off)

The latest installment to the AC franchise, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has had a price drop of 59 to 29 dollars. This is a great opportunity since the game’s release wasn’t long ago at all. Being in October, so those that missed it at launch can just get it now. Odyssey is a turning point for the franchise, further doubling down on the RPG route that AC Origins had set up. Don’t expect the cinematic and automated combat the previous games had. The time period set for this game is also in Ancient Greece. A popular setting used in both movies and previous games due to the rich history and mythology of the locale.

Far Cry 5 (60% off)

The latest addition to another popular Ubisoft series, Far Cry 5 has gone down from $59.99 all the way to $24.00. Far Cry 5 has saturated to a year’s lifetime now, A sequel for the game, Far Cry New Dawn is already on the way, releasing in two months. Far Cry 5, like its predecessors, takes the player to a new location. This time being the American countryside of Hope County. With not only a new map but also another charismatic psychopath. As players liberate the county from a crazed religious cult, another new addition to Far Cry 5 is the introduction of custom characters. To better allow players to self-insert, although some of us will miss having a voiced protagonist.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (70% off)

Ubisoft’s multiplayer tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, has had its price drop from $39.00 to $12.00. Damn! That’s one hell of a discount, even if it is for the standard edition. Siege is a fun tactical shooter that focuses on teamplay and coordination to breach a compound. Two teams of 5 alternating between defending and attacking. If there are players out there that have the game and want their friends to get it as well, now’s your chance.

For Honor (67% off)

Another multiplayer game from Ubisoft, this one focusing on medieval combat. For Honor has dropped in price from $39.00 to $13.20. Another fun team-based game to get with your friends. A lot of people had claimed For Honor when it went free not too long ago. Those who missed out on it can now secure it at a discounted price if not free. Although this drop was once again for the base edition. Meaning players will have to grind a lot for the unlockables.

Among the games, Ubisoft merchandise has also had price drops in the Ubisoft Winter sale. Which by the way, has decided to somehow happen a bit earlier than the annual Steam winter sale. People anticipate that to happen by the end of December, just before Christmas.

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