New Wario Land Trademark Applied By Nintendo, Perhaps A Remake?

Very recently Nintendo has filled for nine trademarks, which are downloadable video game programs and among them is the Wario Land Trademark as well. Which has got most thinking, that perhaps a 3DS remake of VB Wario Land or something similar is on its way?

The official account of Japanese Nintendo, recently Tweeted saying that Nintendo has applied for a trademark of ‘Awazon no Hihou’ and ‘DS Kondate Zenshuu’.

The former is the secondary part of the Japanese “Virtual Boy Wario Land” title and the latter is the second part of the Japanese only DS recipe title ” Kenkou Ouen Recipe 1000″.

Considering 3DS in its twilight days, there is a possibility that a Virtual Boy Wario Land remake for 3DS may come through.

At the moment though, the details are very vague to speculate any further on what may the trademark mean. That said, other nine trademarks filled include; Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario & Luigi, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Smash Bros.

Japanese Nintendo also pointed out that its the second time this year that Wario Land has been trademarked, so being hopeful there just may be an interesting news coming our way.

We have been having rumors of a 3DS remake of VB Wario Land under development by Skip. It was the same rumor that also mentioned a 3DS WarioWare game which did get confirmed later on. With this Wario Land Trademark news, speculations have started to emerge.

So although fingers are crossed, you never know, maybe this rumor just might also get confirmed. We have Wario Land 4 already available for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U which was loved by many.

Now seeing Virtual Boy Wario Land on 3DS will be something that many would love to see. Even when Nintendo has only filled for the trademark, fans are considering this a sign for the remake of 3DS VB Wario Land.

At this moment we should not get carried away, until we hear any official news from Nintendo we cant be certain.

Talking about Nintendo, the company has been making a lot of successes with its consoles, especially Nintendo Switch has been nailing down the US Market. According to NPD Switch is the best selling console ever in the United States.

That said, Which remake of Wario Land would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.