Warhorse Studios Working on Mo-Cap For Kingdom Come Deliverance 2?

Kingdom Come Deliverance did make quite an entrance when it released back in 2018 and with good reason. In a year where players needed a good medieval RPG, the game was their bread and butter. Now, Warhorse Studios is conducting mo-cap, most likely for a new project. Is it Kingdom Come Deliverance 2?

The news comes from Twitter, where a new post on the official Warhorse Studios page includes a picture with special thanks to the Faits d’Armes team for creating new mo-cap swords. As far as we know, the original game is pretty much over. However, the grounds are open for a sequel. Besides that, the swords that Faits d’Armes created for Warhorse do seem like the ones in the first game.

Warhorse Studios has made no official announcement about the development of Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. However, there are many hints of it due to the game’s pacing. Two years after its initial release, the studio does have the means to move forward.

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The introduction of mods to the original games also made its world even bigger. Much like Skyrim and the Witcher, games like this have the potential of growing even in an outdated state. However, it’s their story and stunning graphics that make them stand out. On that end, we’d want to see Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. If one could be completely honest, we’d want to see it getting a release on next-gen consoles. Especially given ray tracing and fast loading times as features, Warhorse has a behemoth sleeping below their feet.

It all comes down to what the studio has in store for us and whether or not they can push their technology to the state where their next game won’t suffer in terms of performance. Be it Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 or a new IP, we are hopeful this one will be good.

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