Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Waystalker Guide

Our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Waystalker Guide contains a basic tutorial and beginner tips for Waystalker career of the Kerillian class. The guide will include details including weapons, equipment, and skills associated with the Kerillian Waystalker.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Waystalker

Waystalker is the first career option available for players using the Kerillian character in Warhammer Vermintide 2. She focuses on stealth with a wide array of ranged weapons and silent daggers at her disposal.

For providing support to your teammates and for infiltrating tight spots, we’ve got all the info you need on Waystalker in Vermintide 2.


You start your journey with the ‘Asrai Long Bow’ and the ‘Anaereth War Blade’. Charging the War Blade will help you take an overhead slash of the sword.

This is especially useful against armored opponents, as it deals quite a bit of damage. A longbow can be used to get insta-kills and critical strikes by aiming for the heads of the enemies.

Moreover, the arrows can go through enemies in a line if the bow is fully drawn. One of the more powerful weapons belong to the class is the ‘Wardancer Blade’. The jabs can reach out to a highly extended range and pick out enemies in the reach.

A specially designed shorter-strung bow consisting of a high ammo reserve and a fast hip fire. However, keep in mind that the Hip Fire doesn’t have an armor penetration.

Therefore, make sure to always aim perfectly at the target since aimed shots cause a great amount of penetration and armor damage.

Hagbane Shortbow
This bow is capable of firing poisoned shots that deal a great amount of damage on the opponent. Once the arrow touches the target, a great explosion happens (charged attack) and causes initial as well as increasing damage after wards up to 70% regular damage over time).

If targeted directly at the armor, this explosion goes through the armor which becomes poisoned for 110% (regular poison of damage).

Skills and Traits

Passive Abilities
Her passives, titled ‘Amaranthe’, will help the character regenerate health over time and quickly too. Additionally, ammo capacity for weapons is doubled. Ranged weapons can be zoomed in more providing a greater scope for accuracy. Lastly, there’s no ranged damage falloff. Rejoice!

Career Skill
Her career skill named ‘Trueshot Volley’ which is a powerful shot fired and it will go through quite a few enemies in a line piercing through them and killing them instantly. Activating the skill will fire 3 arrows simultaneously which seek out and destroy the enemy. On top of that, the skill regenerates quickly.


You’re allowed to pick one Talent from each Tier given below:

Level 5

Level 5 consists of Weavebond, Dryad’s Thirst and Ariel’s Boon.

Weavebond: 2 temporary health are received upon headshots and Melee critical strikes.

Dryad’s Thirst: Temporary health is received upon hitting multiple targets with a single swing.

Ariel’s Boon: Healing yourself from the First Aid Kit/ Healing Draught, provides 20% Health recovery to the nearby allies.

Level 10

Level 10 consists of Blood Shot, Serrated Shots and Drakira’s Alacrity.

Blood Shot: Once an opponent is killed with a melee attack, an additional arrow is fired by Kerillian with her next ranged attack (under 10 seconds).

Serrated Shots: Enemies hit by non-poisonous ranged attacks bleed for extra damage.

Drakira’s Alacrity: Ranged headshots increases attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds.

Level 15

Level 15 consists of Mainstay, Assassin and Enhanced Power.

Mainstay: Staggered opponents receive 40% additional damage. Every hit to a staggered opponent increases its stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Assassin: Staggered opponents receive 20% additional damage. Every hit to a staggered opponent increases its stagger. Whereas Head shots and critical hits deal 40$ bonus damage.

Enhanced Power: Increases 7.5% of Power Level.

Level 20

Level 20 consists of Isha’s Embrace, Spirit Arrows and Rejuvenating Locus.

Isha’s Embrace: Increases Kerillian’s health regenerated from Amaranthe by 50%.

Spirit Arrows: Amaranthe reduces the cooldown of Trueflight Volley by 5% every tick. No longer restores health.

Rejuvenating Locus: Amaranthe also affects the other members of the party.

Level 25

Level 25 consists of Fervent Huntress, Ricochet and Asrai Focus.

Fervent Huntress: Killing a special or elite increases movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

Ricochet: Kerillians arrows now richochet, bouncing up to 3 times or until it hits an enemy.

Asrai Focus: Reduces the cooldown of Trueflight Volley by 20%.

Level 30

Level 30 consists Piercing Shot, Loaded Bow and Kurnous’ Reward.

Piercing Shot: Trueflight Volley fires one piercing shot dealing heavy damage. Headshot refunds 100% cooldown.

Loaded Bow: Trueflight Volley fires an additional arrow.

Kurnous’ Reward: Killing a special or elite enemy with Trueflight Volley restores 30% ammunition

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