Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sienna Unchained Builds Guide

Sienna is one of the heroes in Vermintide 2 and comes with further three careers to choose from. One of these classes is the Unchained one for which we have curated this Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sienna Unchained Build Guide with some tips and tricks on how you can build the ultimate hero in the Unchained class.

We have also detailed which weapons you can use with her for maximum damage dealing and efficient combat tactics.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sienna Unchained Builds

In the Unchained class, Sienna loves to be overcharged. This is clear from all her abilities that give her easy ways to power up her overcharge levels and then give maximum damage and defense boost to destroy her enemies.

When playing with Sienna as an Unchained, melee weapons are your best friend. Do not bother with ranged weapons as all the bonuses and abilities move around melee weapons.

Skills and Traits

Blood Magic
Being a class that loves overcharge, her passive ability is Blood magic and it transfers 50% of the damage to overcharge. This ability also ensures that the overcharge is not slowed down and all attacks can continue in their normal speed.

This greatly helps in melee combat. On higher levels of overcharge, you will get increased melee power and reduced block cost. However, it consumes your entire overcharge eventually.

Building overcharge with her is not difficult at all. You can use any sorts of physical attacks to quickly build up your overcharge levels and then use the added Blood Magic bonuses tied to higher levels of overcharge to annihilate your enemies.

Living Bomb
Living Bomb is Sienna’s Career Skill for the Unchained class. Although the deadliest of all, this is, also the slowest of all to charge back up.

This is one explosive skill as when activated, Sienna will use the entire stored Overcharge to heat up and then explode killing all the enemies near her.

By killing enemies, we really mean killing them. It goes far beyond simply doing splash damage to surrounding enemies.

This will use your entire Overcharge and then even when you have full overcharge, you cannot use this ability until it recharges and that takes a lot of time.

Judging by the time that it takes to recharge back for use, this could be the slowest of the skills to recharge in the whole game but the damage it does totally makes it worth using. This is also the best skill for crowd control in the whole game.

Judging by the amount of damage it does, if the recharge time was short, it would have made the game too easy to play with her, as she would just blow after every few seconds.

This would take out the challenge from the game and would have made the game a little too easy. The satisfaction it gives after using a fully charged Living Bomb is high once you have waited for it patiently.


From each Tier you can select one talent:

Level 5

This level consists of Soul Quench, Reckless Rampage and Burn-Bloom.

  • Soul Quench: Temporary health is received upon staggering the opponent.
  • Reckless Rampage: Temporary health is received upon damaging multiple opponents with one swing.
  • Burn-Bloom: Healing yourself from the First Aid Kit/ Healing Draught, provides 20% Health recovery to the nearby allies.

Level 10

This level consists of Frenzied Flame, Outburst and Chain Reaction.

  • Frenzied Flame: On or Above high Overcharge, increase attack speed b 15%
  • Outburst: Allows you to ignite the opponent with a dot once pushed.
  • Chain Reaction: Burning enemies have a chance to explode upon death. The possibility is found to be 40%.

Level 15

This level consists of Bulwark, Mainstay and Enhanced Power.

  • Bulwark: Staggered opponents receive 10% additional damage by melee attack for 5 seconds. Every hit to a staggered opponent increases its stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.
  • Mainstay: Staggered opponents receive 40% additional damage. Every hit to a staggered opponent increases its stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 60% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.
  • Enhanced Power: Increases 7.5% of Power Level

Level 20

This level consists of Dissipate, Conduit and Numb to Pain.

  • Dissipate: Decreases 50% Block Cost when Overcharged and blocking attacks vent Overcharge.
  • Conduit: Rate of venting overcharge is increased by 30%, while 50% damage received from venting is decreased.
  • Numb to Pain: Damage received is decreased by 5% and overcharge generated by Blood Magic by 16.6% for 15 seconds after venting. Stacks up to 3 times.

Level 25

This level consists of Enfeebling Flames, Abandon and Natural Talent.

  • Enfeebling Flames: Burning opponents deal 30% less damage.
  • Abandon: Sienna upon overcharging, exchanges health to ability cooldown.
  • Natural Talent: Reduces overcharge generated by 10%.

Level 30

This level consists of Fuel for the Fire, Wildfire and Bomb Balm.

  • Fuel for the Fire: Each opponent coming in contact with a living bomb, adds up 5% power for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Wildfire: Sienna is provided with a Sienna a scorching aura that for 10 seconds ignites the opponents. Increases the stagger power of Living Bomb.
  • Bomb Balm: Living Bomb restores 30 temporary health to allies.

Melee Weapons

Flame Sword
Coming to the first melee weapon, we would go with the Flame Sword, as it is one of the weapons that she does not start the game with. The power attacks are not very powerful and the range is limited.

Follow up attacks are also a little slow but the flame on the sword does add a little extra damage to the strike. It also comes with a decent block allowing you to block almost all enemy attacks.

Fireball Staff
The fireball staff is yet another decent weapon in Sienna’s arsenal. It recharges the overcharge meter quickly and has decent damage. It will shoot fireballs at the enemy from a decent range and goes well with the Living Bomb skill.

You can activate the Living Bomb skill and then quickly follow with some fireball attacks using the Fireball Staff to finish off any last remaining enemies.

The left attack is pretty decent and most of the hits end up with headshots even if you are not really aiming for the head of the enemy.

It does decent stagger to the enemies. You can also mix both the fireballs and the normal attack to keep pushing enemies away and attack them on the same time while maintaining a safe distance between yourself and the enemy.

Mace’s are Melee attack weapons; low in speed but high in offense. These weapons are capable of slicing an armor within seconds without wasting any time.

Upon using a Mace, you’ll receive four Primary attack animations along with a Power attack (Primary). As for Secondary, it’s mainly used for blocking but when used with the Primary attack button, shoves and attacks the opponent.

Although the Dagger is small in size, it still comes really handy when in the battlefield.

The Dagger is mainly used for slicing the opponent which takes very less time with little to none pauses or lags between each strike. The non-lagging movement allows you to perform attacks more frequently as compared to other weapons.

Using the Dagger gives you two charge attacks. First one gives a decent split and causes the damage-over-time effect. As for the Second, it performs multiple hits each dealing damage

This concludes our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sienna Unchained Build Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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