Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Shade Career Guide

Our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Shade contains tips for mastering the Shade career of the Kerillian Class. Our Kerillian Guide includes details including Weapons, Talents, and Career Skills associated with the Shade category for the Kerillian.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Shade

The last class associated with Kerillian unlocks after reaching Level 12 in the game. The class is a balance between the stealth and the action-oriented style of the character.

With a focus on attack speed and general movement pace, the Shade class makes for a fun and frantic combat. Words of wisdom; get behind your enemies, you’ll see why in just a moment.

Since you’re going for speed rather than power here, ‘Dual Daggers’ will come in handy. The repeating volley crossbow is the other weapon which might give you the edge in battle from long range.

The daggers land hits in quick succession as you swing and swing until you’re clearing swarms of enemies like they’re laundry. Charging these will result in a downward stab dealing massive amounts of damage.

You can also use ‘Assassin’s Blades’ as they, along being fast weapons, also deal 50% additional damage when you attack enemies with melee from behind.

Since this class mostly depends upon stealth kills and stabbing your foe in the back, this will be a huge help in taking down those stronger enemies.

Passive Abilities
Titled ‘Murderous Prowess’, the abilities will grant you a couple of special bonuses when attacking the enemy from behind. Damage output from behind goes up by an additional 50%.

Back-stabbing enemies improve chances of critical hits and slaying man-sized enemies instantly. Most of the enemies fall under the ‘Man-Sized Enemies’ category with the notable exception of Chaos Warriors.

Career Skills
The career skill ‘Infiltrate’ will make Kerillian undetectable for 10 seconds. The screen will grey out and during that, you’re completely hidden from enemies’ sight.

This is the ideal moment to get behind enemies and make use of those passives mentioned above. So silent but lethal. Note, however, hitting an enemy during the ‘undetected’ phase will get you out of it.


Talents will grant you boosts in in different traits. The first talent at Level 5 that will be the most useful is ‘Khaine’s Thirst’ that grant temporary health on melee kill, depending on the health of the slain enemy.

‘Cruelty’ at level 10 grants a 50% bonus damage on Critical Strikes. This will be very helpful as most of the strikes we plan to deal are critical strikes.

Using Assassin’s Blade, using “Ereth Khial’s Herald’ at level 20, increases the Assassin’s Blade’s damage when attack from behind by 75%.

At level 25, use ‘Gladrunner’ to increase your speed by 10% to sneak faster. Level 30 talents are all perfect for players to use. The all provide good boosts that work very well, and the choice completely depends on the player.


This build is meant for a frontline playstyle. With this build, you should serve your team as a melee frontline DPS, try to funnel enemies in front of you rather than try to dodge and lose aggro and backstab. And you can still use your career skill to delete Elites mixing in the horde, kill high threat specials safely, or deal a good amount of Boss damage.

The core talent of this build is Level 10 talent Cruelty and Level 25 talent Blood Drinker. Cruelty can increase your damage against all types of units, and Blood Drink can provide necessary damage reduction for a frontline playstyle.

Recommend to use Sword and Dagger/Dual Sword.

Boss Killer
This build is meant for high Boss damage. With this build, you should utilize your high movement speed from your talent and high dodge ability of your weapon to focus on Elites, while providing some necessary crowd control/horde killing power from your Hagbane Shortbow.

When there is a boss on the field, stack Barrage with your Hagbane Shortbow then use you career skill to kill it fast. Even without career skill, Hagbane Shortbow itself can do tremendous Boss damage.

The core talent of this build is Level 10 talent Exploit Weakness and Level 25 talent Spring-Heeled Assassin.

Exploit Weakness increase most of your damage since your dagger attacks and apply bleed and Hagbane Shortbow applies poison. Especially when you don’t have your career skill, Hagbane Shortbow + Exploit Weakness have huge damage potential.

Spring-Heeled Assassin gives you super mobility to adjust your position and look for backstab opportunity.

Recommend to use Dual Daggers/Sword and Daggers and Hagbane Shortbow. If you decide to use other range weapons change Level 10 talent to Cruelty.

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