Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beginners Tips

In our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beginners Tips, we have discussed everything you need to know about getting started with Vermintide 2, weapons, tomes, and grimoire.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 may at first seem like an easy, going-through-waves-of-enemies, jumping-onto-platforms action shooter but trust us, it can switch the momentum quickly. Within a split second, you will be encountering enemies from any direction you can look towards. To help you achieve this, we’ve curated these Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beginners Tips.

Some enemies will attack you from such hidden spots that you may rage-quit the game. This game treats newcomers and veterans alike, both need some tips for surviving and progressing in the game. You’re in luck, since we have just the right guide for you to put down those filthy rat-men!

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Beginners Tips

Since this game doesn’t shy away from putting the players into aggressive, close-quarter combat situations, so shouldn’t you!

Be prepared and anticipate enemies from literally any point in the game. This calls for you to keep analyzing the environment by checking behind, forward, right and left.

Don’t let the first-person perspective fail you miserably since enemies may approach from any direction.


Vermintide 2’s combat is no walk in the park. The number of enemies on your screen present thousands of variables that need to be handled with astute accuracy and precision.


Blocking and Dodging
Getting hit should not be an option in any case. Try to Block incoming attacks as much as you can. Monitor your stamina and avoid taking excessive damage by holding your guard against the enemy. Use your block to revive downed team-mates in a sticky situation.

Dodging is a safer way to avoid getting hit. The advantage of a successful Dodge is that you can lead up with an attack on your enemy. Understanding the use of Blocking and Dodging will help you out-play your enemies on the battlefield.

Remember how you used right-click to shove enemies off of you in Left 4 Dead, so you could make some space for a little mobility? Yeah, pretty much the same concept here.

If you feel like you’ve been caught in too many enemies and attempting to kill them will also leave you vulnerable to damage; then shoving the enemies off of you is the best option.

Strategic Planning
Co-ordinating an attack on different waves with your allies is the best way to tackle hordes in Vermintide 2. Set up your explosives and weapons to choke your enemies behind a certain point on the map.

Do we need to stress any more on how important of a role combat plays in the game? Since it is a game based around that mechanic, you can’t tip-toe your way around enemies. You heard that right, stealth goes down in the gutter (mostly). Dodging enemy attacks, healing when necessary, and executing finishes and blows to the enemy are integral and what makes the combat of the game what it is.


Understanding which weapons suit your playstyle and can get you out of the tricky situations is the real success in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. This brings us to divide the weapons into certain sub-categories:

Long-ranged Weapons
Purely situational and only if you’re lucky, ranged-weapons may halt the enemies but not for long.

Bows and arrows may be good at taking out that one dude who’s untouchable because he’s not moving away from his location at the top of that tower and other such folks but other than that we’d recommend not opting for this play style in this particular game. For the huge swarm of enemies, melee weapons and mid-ranged firearms are the way to go.

They aren’t however entirely useless since some special types of enemies can only be dealt with by ranged weapons… like crossbows and rifles. Enemies classed ‘Special’ will incapacitate you if you get any close to them. Moreover, bosses are especially vulnerable to these long-ranged weapons, at least the powerful ones like the Kerillian’s Hagbane Swiftbow which deals an incredible amount of damage to the enemy.

Mid-ranged Weapons
Drakefire Pistols alt-fire can be used since they have that shotgun kind of nature where they blast off the enemy.

Drake Guns are like flamethrowers and are quite useful against enemies and for rescuing allies who seem to have been grabbed or drowned by the horde. All in all, the weapons of this class serve as crowd control so your allies have more chances of dealing with the enemies.

Close-ranged Weapons
These include everything from dual-wielded swords to battleaxes and war-hammers. Most of the time, you’ll be dealing with these so practice the timing of your attacks. Most of these can be used together with shields for defense. They are reliable against swarm of enemies since these are usually quick in their execution and deal incredible amounts of damage up-close.

However, be cautious when approaching bosses, you may need to switch to long ranged-weapons and keep your distance from these vicious feeding-on-the-flesh-of-humans killers.


Grabbing your sword and charging in with your head first is definitely not a viable strategy and a sure way to get yourself killed. Understanding your blind-spots in an area is extremely important to holding your own against a large horde in Vermintide 2.

Effectively utilize Blocking and Dodging to take out as many enemies as you can for the team. If each person carries their own weight by using a good combination of Offense and Defense, you should have no problem in taking care of even the largest hordes in the game.


Avoiding any hits at all costs is how you’re going to win through most of your adventures in Vermintide 2. Managing your health pool is an important aspect of the game.

By using medkits and potions, you can get a significant portion of your health back. Knowing when to use said medical supplies is what’s important.

If you’re well aware of the map you’re playing, then you’ll know when it’s wise to use up your potions. Prepping yourself prior to facing off against a large horde is important, otherwise you’ll find yourself terribly outmatched.

Should you or any of your allies happen to get downed. You can revive them when the time’s right. You could also try to block any incoming damage whilst reviving them if you absolutely need to.

Stick Together!

It’s a co-operative game, and team-work is the key. If you dissociate yourself with your team-mates, then you won’t last a second against the deadly hordes in Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

Talk to your team regarding your positions and make sure to give important call-outs regarding your health and important enemy positions.

If your team’s focus is scattered throughout the battlefield, then you won’t be able to concentrate your focus on targets that should take priority. There’s not much you can do alone against stronger targets, but together; together you can take down even the strongest of enemies.

Tomes and Grimoires

Every map will have Grimoires and Tomes which will help you gain high quality loot at the end of the game. These provide a boost to your loot quality as well as the experience points you gain after completing a map.

However, there’s a slight disadvantage to picking up one of these. They occupy a healing slot in your inventory, which means you’re sacrificing survivability for good loot. A fair trade-off really.

If you feel like your team’s good on its feet, and they can defend you through the dangers that Vermintide 2 has to offer. Then pick that tome up, and burn through the battlefield to claim your well-deserved rewards!

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