Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Grimoire Locations Guide

Grimoire, will boost up loots and rewards at the end of each mission. However, these can be fairly tricky to find, which is where our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Grimoire Locations Guide comes in.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 focuses quite a lot on the characterization and progression. Both of these are directly influenced by loots or hidden items you can find scattered throughout the world.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Grimoire

Holding a grimoire after the mission completes will grant the player with a ‘Grimoire Die’ which will have all six-faces labelled ‘Success’ instead of the normal two faces being labelled so, thus guaranteeing one success. Grimoire take up the slot for the Potions in the game and deduct 33% of the total HP of the player.

Moreover, they cannot be picked up after being discarded. Guess, this is one of those items where you’ll have to weigh the pros and the cons, huh?

Anyways, for those who would want to maximize their rewards, here are the locations where you’ll find Grimoire in the game.

Side note, some of these locations can be a bit frustrating to get to since they require you to veer off the main pathways during missions. But maybe this another con you can add to that list when weighing out to see if Grimoire are really worth it?

Grimoire #1
Location: Righteous Stand
After having finished the fight in the Arena, take the lift up and keep continuing forward until you reach a door. Entering it, the area being ‘Watch Barracks’, keep turning corners until you find a highlighted barrel. Use it to jump on the crates. After doing so, watch for these crates in the distance and jump towards them and onto them.

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #1
Walk along the shelf and find the Grimoire on the top of the stack of the boxes.

Grimoire #2
Location: Righteous Stand
The second one is located at ‘North Axe Bite Bastion’. Note, having the Career Skill as a Slayer Class (Dwarf) will help you skip the Jumping Puzzle here, but for other classes they will need to complete it to progress. Once you come across this scenario in the game, jump onto those wooden blocks, one by one, until you reach the windowsill near the third and last wooden block in the picture below.

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #2
Head forward and press the lever near a second window that will bring up a ladder as you can see from outside the window. Stand around the edge of this windowsill, and jump onto the ladder. Climb up and collect the Grimoire.

Grimoire #3
Location: Athel Yenlui
During the ‘Proceed through the Wilds’ mission, keep walking towards the right side until you find a fallen tree. Turn right where you’ll find a crate. Turn left and keep walking along the left wall until you reach this region:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #3
Keep walking up and reach higher grounds. Turn left and look around to see Grimoire on top of a few rocks:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #4
Grimoire #4
Location: Athel Yenlui
Reach Athel Yenlui and activate three buttons to access the location and grab Grimoire #2. For pressing the first button, keep hugging the right wall of the region until you find yourself in this part:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #5
Walk forward and interact with the ‘Suspicious Brick’ to activate the button. For 2nd button, walk back and turn left from here:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #6
Walk forward and reach this part:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #7
Turn left and interact with the button. The third and final button, walk back from button 2, head left until you come across this place:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #8
Head up the giant stairs and proceed to the wall you can see in the distance:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #9
Look down and you will be able to see the button through the leaves. Press it. Now going back to the actual Grimoire, head back down the stairs and go towards that small opening/passage.

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #10
Head inside and turn right to collect the Grimoire. Wow, can you believe how much work was put into getting that. Definitely should consider that for your ‘pros vs cons’ list.

Grimoire #5
Location: Against the Grain
Reach this part of the region:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #11
Find a barrel in the first building to the right of this path. Be careful, it can explode! To the left of this building, you’ll find another building with the front door a little broken. Head inside, take the stairs to the left and move downstairs. Continue to move to the back of the room until you find a wooden wall with a small hole in it, place the barrel and light it up for it to explode.

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #12
This will open a passageway where you can climb up the wooden ladder and find Grimoire #1 on a barrel.

Grimoire #6
Location: Against the Grain
Continue moving forward after you find the first Grimoire until you reach this location:

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #13
Turn left and climb up the ladder. You’ll see, to your right, a hanging platform that you need to jump onto. Jump onto the next wooden plank just ahead of it and keep moving right around the wall. You’ll be able to see a Grimoire behind some wooden planks so just go and grab it!

Vermintide 2 Grimoire #14
Tiresome, frustrating, and damn hard to find; these Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Grimoire make take a chunk of your time while looking out for them but may add to the reward system at the end of each mission if you’re really up to the task.

Grimoire #7
Location: Empire in the Flames
During the objective: “Reach The Baron’s Manor”, you can make out a symbol representing the seven-pointed star. Near this will be a destroyed and charred building. From its window, you will be able to see a Grimoire next to a barrel which can be destroyed to open a secret pathway. Run around the house and to the location of the Grimoire using the pathway.

Grimoire #8
Location: Empire in the Flames
Eventually, you will come across a large country house or a mansion. Going left of this, you will be able to see a Grimoire on one of the ledges of another building. To get that, jump onto the cart nearby and then from one ledge to another until you reach the Grimoire. Grab it!

Grimoire #9
Location: Festering Ground
Entering the underground level, during the earlier part of the map, reach the bottom floor and pick the keys off of a skeleton near a pillar of rock. Exit the cave area and into a more open field. From the right, you’ll be able to jump and land on a ledge with a locked chest. Use the key to open it and acquire the Grimoire.

Grimoire #10
Location: Festering Ground
During the “Follow Nurgle Trail” mission, you will be required to ascend a wooden ramp. After covering half of this ascent, to your right will be a ledge which you need to jump onto. Walk along this ledge and jump into the stream below to find a cave-like area where you’ll eventually find the Grimoire.

Grimoire #11
Location: The War Camp
Ascending a stone ramp, turn right and enter a destroyed house using the wooden posts that you can see. Once inside, go down, via the ledge, to enter a lower area where you can find the Grimoire underneath some pieces of wood.

Grimoire #12
Location: The War Camp
During the objective, “Find the Rotblood Camp”, jump down into a swampy area and look for three candles in small openings/cavities of walls. Interact with them to make the Grimoire accessible. Then move towards the centre of the map to grab the Grimoire from the rock in a moist area covered in water.

That hard work won’t go unrewarded since some of the boosts to your loot are quite generous. However, man, these are only for the most patient and relentless folks.

Grimoire #13
Location: Convocation of Decay

This Grimoire is present in the Northern Maintenance Shaft. While opening the doors using the three switches, open the door on the left at the bottom of the stairs. To do this, make sure you press the wrong button in the order, and it should open.

After opening the door, go ahead down the hall and find the back room. There will be a brick there at the top of the bookshelf which can you interact with. Interact with it and another door should open just outside of the back room. Head out and into the new room to find the Grimoire inside of a hole in the wall.

Grimoire #14

This Grimoire is present in Old City Cesspit. Search for a set of keys after you drop in the city. The keys aren’t marked in anyway but there are three possible spawns for them.

The keys can spawn by the corpse near a pillar on the right-hand side of the area (when you are looking at the exit). You can also find the keys in the far back of the area, inside of a crate. The third place that you can find the keys is near a corpse on the left-hand side when you are looking at the exit.

After getting the keys, leave the city and go to the area where there is a room with two beams. ump onto the beams and then follow them to the opposite side of the room and into some additional corridors.

At the end of the corridors you should find a chest that is wrapped up in chains. Use the keys that you found in the Old City Cesspit to unlock it and then grab the Grimoire inside.

Grimoire #15
Location: Hunger in the Dark

To find this, find the cart during the mission and fill it up with black powder. There is a total of four barrels in the area, but you will only have to collect a total of three of them. In order to get this Grimoire, you will need to grab the fourth barrel and bring it with you.

Move forward until you reach the area where the rails turn off the left. From here turn to the right and move down the corridor. At the end of the path, place the barrel up with the ball and blow it to gain access to the ladder. Climb it to find the Grimoire.

Grimoire #16
Location: Hunger in the Dark

This Grimoire is found during the same barrel mission. Continue through the mission until the cart barrels through a set of doors and off a cliff to your right.

From here turn to the left and enter the Charnel Hollow and look out for a small hole on the wall to your right. Jump up and crouch to move through the hole, then climb up the ladder inside.

Climb the ladder and search for a ledge. From here scan the wall to your right for a small hall that holds this Grimoire.

Grimoire #17
Location: Halescourge

To find this Grimoire, drop down to the buildings when they start sliding off and then turn around to look inside. You should see a bookshelf with this Grimoire inside.

Grimoire #18
Location: Halescourge

The next Grimoire is present in the entryway to Stoltzhammer Weg. Look for a building on the left with a raised ladder. If you shoot the Feculent Bubo at the top of the ladder it will release the ladder. Climb up and grab the Grimoire.

Grimoire #19
Location: Screaming Bell

To find this, look for a wagon as you reach Milizengrube. There will be a small puzzle besides it. The puzzle will lead you up a series of small jumps. Jump across to a hanging platform, and then continue through the archway at the end of the puzzle to find this Grimoire in a crate.

Grimoire #20
Location: Screaming Bell

This grimoire is present in a chest in Screaming Bell area.

Grimoire #21
Location: Fort Bracshenbrucke

You can find this Grimoire as you walk along the River Eile. Follow the path and then jump along some rocks to reach a platform. From here you need to drop down and follow the path until it leads you to an open stone tomb with this Grimoire inside.

Grimoire #22
Location: Fort Bracshenbrucke

In Old Fort Armory, there is a small life. Use the lift lever to activate the platform. It will reveal a crate at the bottom. Look inside the crate to find this Grimoire.

Grimoire #23
Location: Into the Nest

In the Duraz Stromez area, look for a bit of scaffolding that you can climb up onto. Follow it to the room. The grimoire is in the room.

Grimoire #24
Location: Into the Nest

To find this, Pull the lever and then return to the start of the Kuchunkuchung area, where you should find a ladder that now leads you down into a shaft that you can explore to find a chest with this Grimoire.

Grimoire #25
Location: Skittergate

After you take the lift that leads down to Under-Halgart, turn and look for the Grimoire on top of the collapsed building that you spot immediately after the lift ride.The best way to reach this Grimoire is to jump onto a piece of the broken wall and then jump up from underneath to grab it.

Grimoire #26
Location: Skittergate

The Grimoire is in a crate. Shoot the pulley that holds the platform up to cause the crate to drop, allowing you to get the Grimoire.

Grimoire #27
Location: The Pit

To find this, head up the hill along the eastern pit to find a bridge. Move on the path to find some barrels. Bring the barrel to the cart nearby and blow it to open the cart and get the Grimoire.

Grimoire #28
Location: The Pit

After escaping to the pit, walk up the ramp and turn left to the corner of the room. Follow the dark path and you will see a ladder on the right. From the top of the ladder you will need to get to the other side of the room. On this side, the Grimoire will be present.

Grimoire #29
Location: The Blightreaper

After opening the gate with the winch, you will be led outside where your torches can not follow. There is a door to the right, immediately before the exit hopefully revealing a fully lit circle of candles. The grimoire is in the room nearby it.

Grimoire #30
Location: The Blightreaper

This grimoire can be found by jumping on the stone arch and then dropping down the other side.

Grimoire #31
Location: The horn of Magnus

This grimoire is inside a chest in an altar. The grimoire is on a wooden beam behind the banner hanging on the right. Jump onto the chest and towards the grimoire to grab it.

Grimoire #32
Location: The horn of Magnus

Before reaching the tavern, go to the right to the double doors. The grimoire is right in between the doors on some boxes.

Grimoire #33
Location: Garden of Morr

At the end of the Garden of Spirits, before the drop into the gallery with the stone arches, head to the right. There will be coffins there. Jump on them to climb the left wall to find the grimoire inside.

Grimoire #34
Location: Garden of Morr

From the previous Grimoire, head upstairs and jump over the gap to get the next grimoire.

Grimoire #35
Location: Engines of War

Before entering Skaven Encampment, head to the stone tower. Follow the path into the tower and up the stairs outside again. When coming up to the battlements, walk around the tower up another flight of stairs to your left. The grimoire lies in a crate at the top.

Grimoire #36
Location: Engines of War

As you enter Grunewald Lodge, go right to the corridor. Go up the stairs, and jump on the vine growing into the window. Jump on the tree branch, and keep jumping forward. Until you reach the grimoire.

Grimoire #37
Location: Dark Omens

After the ambush event, turn right and keep to the rightern wall to find a cave. You’ll need an explosive barrel to blow up the wall at the back of the cave in order to get the Grimoire.

Grimoire #38
Location: Dark Omens

After crossing the chasm, turn right and follow the wall to the second broken building towards where you came from. Jump inside the building, and the Grimoire is on the floor.

Grimoire #39
Location: Old Haunts

After you finish the Wheel task, you will find the first Grimoire inside the mill.

Grimoire #40
Location: Old Haunts

On your way to the Snagglefang camp, take the platform around to the right and jump over the gap. Take the ladder leaning against the wall followed by the next ladder. Follow the stone path around where you will find the second Grimoire inside a chest.

Grimoire #41
Location: Blood in the Darkness

After lowering the gate in the Central goal, follow the path on the right until you reach Grimoire 1 under broken furniture.

Grimoire #42
Location: Blood in the Darkness

After getting to the second level of the Cursed Sanctum, when entering the next room there is a path hidden behind the bookshelves on your right.

Continue down the hidden path until you enter a large study where you will find Grimoire 2 on a table on the other side of the room

This is all we have in our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Grimoire Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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