Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Weapons Guide – Beginner Tips and Strategy

While those who have had the chance to play Warhammer: End Times Vermintide in early access maybe familiar with everything the game has to offer, all the new players might feel overwhelmed at first with all the different weapon choices, classes, combat mechanics and other gameplay elements.

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Weapons

Well, this guide should help those players ease their way into the game so they can start having some real fun soon.

Starting Tips

  • Each player can carry only one healing item at a time so if they stumble upon another, its best to use the item they are already carrying to replenish health and then pick up the new one for later use
  • When fighting hordes of enemies, its best to box them in some kind of hallway to narrow the horde and have them attack players in small numbers
  • It’s best to attack large enemies with ranged attacks
  • To not only speak but also hear other players in the party, VOIP needs to be turned On in the Audio Settings from Option since it is turned Off by default. The default push-to-talk key is G for keyboard users
  • Holding down E can revive other downed players (when near them)
  • Storm vermin need to be attacked on their head to kill them
  • Bombs are extremely useful when fighting hordes (a horn sound indicates the arrival of a horde)
  • Loot rats carry bags that have good quality loot in them. They should be killed as soon as possible
  • Rewards after finishing a mission are random so it is possible to acquire weak items or totally unusable ones due to class restrictions
  • Five items can be combined in the forge to produce a new, better item
  • Turn the party highlights to Always On from the options to differentiate other players from rats
  • Charged weapon attacks can be interrupted if a player takes damage
  • Always stick close to other players so everyone has a chance to help each other in dire situations
  • When stranded and under attack, its best to knock and push enemies away and make your way to other players instead of standing and fighting the incoming enemies
  • Dash not only works forward but can also be used to move backwards when facing multiple enemies

Dwarven Ranger
While there are no actual restriction on how to play as dwarf ranger, he is usually considered a ‘tank’ and other party members expect the player to have a shield so he can defend the party.

Another useful weapon to have is the hand gun to take down high priority enemies whenever the opportunity presents itself. Dwarven Rangers have to knock the enemies around so other party members can finish them off with AOE skills.

Shield Bash can be extremely useful here to prevent the enemies from reaching other party members while friendlies kill the enemies from range.

Usable weapons for the ranger include Dwarven Great Axe, Great Hammer, Battle Axe, War Hammer, Crossbow, Hand Gun, Grudge-Raker and Drakefire Pistols.

Imperial Soldier
Shotgun is perhaps the most effective weapon for this class especially in narrow hallways where a single shot can take down multiple enemies at once.

Players can also use the hammer, charge their attack and then swing the weapon to knock back multiple enemies. This is extremely useful if combined with Dwarf Ranger’s Shield bash.

Shotgun or Hammer can also be used to knock back enemies surrounding a downed friendly player. This way reviving them is much easier.

Imperial Soldier typically uses Great Sword, Great Hammer, Arming Sword, Mace, Repeater Handgun, Blunderbuss (shotgun) and Handgun.

Both types of handguns are extremely useful to take down targets at ranged targets with precision.

Witch Hunter
The Rapier can be used to deal precise yet decent amount of damage while allowing for great mobility.

The Witch Hunter can also use Battle Axe, which although slow down the speed a little bit but are extremely deadly when it comes to taking down armored targets. The Great Sword can be used to damage and clear out multiple swarming enemies at once.

For ranged enemies, Pistols, Crossbow and Repeater Pistol allow Witch Hunters to take down targets without having to worry about getting too close for comfort.

Being elves, Waywatchers carry special elven weapons that allow for maximum mobility while ensuring that damage isn’t reduced. Dual Elven Daggers can be used to deal precise damage while the Elven Short Sword allows for slashing multiple enemies at once.

Dual Elven Swords allow Waywatchers to deal more damage at a longer range than Short Sword. The Elven Dagger and Sword can also be combined together for unique new attacks.

As expected, an elf’s ranged weapon is the Bow although it comes with different types of arrows such as Bodkin, Swiftshiver, Hagbane and Trueflight.

Players can either choose to fire a power shot through two aligned enemies with one arrow or deal damage to multiple enemies through a volley of arrows. Hagbane arrows also deal poison damage.

Bright Wizard
A wizard uses weapons imbued with magic such as Wizard Mace capable of hitting multiple enemies at once, Wizard Sword to control large number of enemies, Flaming Sword to set enemies on fire and the Relic Sword that allows Wizard to push back enemies.

Similar to the Waywatcher, Wizards use staves for ranged damage with a variety of different type of bolts for different type of damage.

Piercing Bolts of Burning allow for rapid bursts of small flame bolts while Fireball throws a long range magic missile. Sear can be used to damage enemies in an area while Flameblast not only stuns the target but also causes damage over time.

Bolt of Aqshy pierces enemy armor and is capable of going through multiple enemies. Similar to Fireball, Great Fires of U’Zhul can be launched in an arc at a distance but is capable of damaging multiple enemies.

Conflagration of Doom creates a pillar of fire that erupts from the ground and burns multiple enemies at once.

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