Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Tomes and Grimoires Locations Guide

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is finally out of early access and is everything fans hoped it would be. While the ‘main’ objective like so many other games these days remains to get the best gear possible, there is so much more to the game besides just clamoring to finish it.

For those interested in the lore and the world, there are tons of cool things to find even if players are willing to explore a little bit. These things take the form of Tomes and Grimoires which also determine what type of loot a player will receive at the end of each match.

They are however only available in the main quest line and the quests that contain them are identifiable through the icon of a shield surrounding the emblem.

Whenever players loot chests or rats, the whole party shares an extra die that ads the Cursed Bonus Die to the whole Die Pool at the end of each match.

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Tomes and Grimoires

Tomes replace a player’s healing slot with a book that can be dropped or picked up again at will. Each player gets a Tome Die at the end of each match depending on the number of tomes they had.

Similarly, Grimoires replace potion slot and provide Skaven Die at the end of each match. All dice have 6 Sides and their loot distribution is shared below:

  • Regular die: 2/6 sides have loot mark
  • Cursed die: 3/6 sides have loot mark
  • Tome die: 4/6 sides have loot mark
  • Skaven die: 6/6 sides have loot mark

Now that all the necessary information is out of the way, let’s continue with locations of each tome and grimoire according to the mission they are available in.

The Horn of Magnus

Tome #1: inside the pig pen

Grimoire #1: inside the tomb, behind the vine wall

Tome #2: in a chest inside the church

Tome #3: players have to access the wooden catwalk and jump onto the lam post in the small room

Grimoire #2: after acquiring the third tome, players have to follow the hall and turn right into the room with a false wooden wall

Supply and Demand

Grimoire #1: players have to go up a ladder next to a shack, jump the fence to get to the next roof, jump to the planks at the corner of another building and move towards the fenced alley where they will find the grimoire amidst some barrels.

Tome #1: in an alley on the right after the Dog Pens area

Tome #2: right after grainery, jump onto crates to find this tome

Grimoire#2: check the video for detailed instructions

Tome #3: check the video!

The Wizard’s Tower

The locations in this place are a bit tricky to explain on account of being there so many rooms and pathways. Check the video for a detailed look on how to find the tomes and grimoires.

Engines of War

Garden of Morr

The Enemy Below

Grimoire #1: while walking down the spiral staircase, players have to look out for a ledge on the right.

Following the ledge, they will come upon an arch through. Land on it and pass through the small doorway and jump onto a beam where the Grimoire will be located on the right through a small opening.

Tome #1: just after the first large tunnel, a cove on the right leads to a hallway where the tome is located.

Tome #2: in the room with platforms above water, at the end of the area will be a wall and on its left will be the second tome among a pile of bones.

Tome #3: at the entrance of Skaven Nest, turn left and then take another left to find the tome at the end of the tunnel.

The White Rat


Luck affects the loot that players get when opening a chest so it’s a good idea to invest in it. Stamina is required for blocking attacks as shown by the tiny shields that show up when blocking

Voice chat can be turned on or off through the Audio Settings in the Options Menu. Pressing “I” in pregame lobby opens up inventory while “F” opens up the forge

All bombs have standard and enhanced versions which have a gold design on them. White items have no enhancements, Green has one, Blue has two, Orange three and Red four. Orange and Red items can’t be scrapped or combined with others.

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