Warhammer End Times Vermintide Goes 25% Off Before Launch

The newest addition to the Warhammer series Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide releases this Friday. The Beta on PC is actually already live (sans the shutdown earlier for server update/bug fix) and will run through the games release date. To jump into the Beta you’ll just need to pre-order the game, which is actually not that expensive right now.

Steam has Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide down to $26.99 after a 10% instant savings drop. That’s not bad, but it’s better at digital retailer GMG, where they match Steam’s drop and have a 25% off stacking coupon code for additional savings. (This means a total of 32% off).


The coupon at GMG will run through Tuesday, October 27th at 8am Pacific. That said, the prices may change a bit after the October 23rd release date with the pre-order only instant savings disappearing. Assuming the game loses its instant savings, the prices will rise to $22.50 for the Standard Edition and to $33.75 for the Collector’s Edition.

All you need to know about the Collector’s Edition of the game is it’s for the more hardcore fanbase of the Warhammer series. Beyond the Standard Edition of the game, the Collector’s also gets you a few extra digital goodies:

  • A map of Ubersreik
  • High resolution wallpapers
  • Original soundtrack
  • Behind the Scenes pack with documents, concept art, and development footage
  • A unique headpiece for each of the Warhammer heroes

Thus far reviews are very positive on Steam (after 1,400 gamers chiming in), even though the Beta only gets you access to 3 of the 13 levels in the full game. Gamers are currently billing it as the next Left 4 Dead, so if you’re interested in a co-op FPS with stronger melee combat – Vermintide may be worth looking into at the reduced price.

Contributor at SegmentNext.