Warframe Requiem Relics Guide

Learn how to farm Requiem Relics in Warframe and unlock the essential tools you need to defeat your nemesis in the latest game update

The Kuva Lich is your newest adversary in Warframe and you cannot kill it without Requiem Mods from Requiem Relics. These are part of the new Update, The Old Blood.

You need to use these on your Parazon but they will only take down the Kuva Lich if you use the correct combination with a Mercy Finisher. This guide covers all you need to know about farming these relics.

Warframe Requiem Relics

These relics come in four types, and each one contains two Requiem mods within. You earn these relics guaranteed from Kuva Flood missions while you have a 30% chance of obtaining one as a drop from Kuva Siphon missions.

Once you collect them, you can refine them in the Void Relic Refinement screen. You can also get completed Rivens by combining the Riven Slivers with Palladino.


These Requiem mods are obtained as a reward from Kuva Flood then refined in Void Fissure missions.

  • Lohk: From brooding gulfs are we beheld, By that which bears no name
  • Xata: Its heralds are the stars it fells, The sky and Earth aflame
  • Jahu: Corporeal laws are unwrit, As suns and love retreat
  • Vome : To cosmic madness laws submit, Though stalwart minds entreat
  • Ris: In luminous space blackened stars, They gaze, accuse, deny
  • Fass: Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours, In madness lost shall die
  • Netra: Carrion hordes trill their profane, Accord with eldritch plans
  • Khra: To cosmic forms from tangent planes, We end as we began

As we mentioned earlier, these mods need to be used in a specific order within the Parazon to take down the lich. You’ll have to use a bunch of different combinations until you find the one that does the trick.

You can view the ones you’ve used on the lich’s as well as the correct mod slots. Once the Lich is down for the count, the used mod’s charges will be gone as it has been consumed. You can then dismantle the used up mod for Endo.

That’s all you need to know about Requiem Relics. We hope this guide was helpful.