Warframe Parazon Mods Guide

The Parazon is a tool that you automatically obtain in Warframe. It’s primarily known for its role in helping you take down your personal Grineer rival; the Kuva Lich. It’s the only thing that can kill it when special mods are being used. Parazon mods have other functions as well that we will be covering in this guide.

Warframe Parazon Mods

The Parazon has 3 Normal Mod Slots, and 3 Requiem Mod Slots. We’ve listed every mod, as well as its function and location.


These boost your hacking and reward you for successfully breaking into any system. Do some Spy Missions in the Origin System to unlock these. They’re mostly Rotation C (except when specified otherwise).

Intruder: +8 Additional Seconds to hacking. (Corrupted bombard, heavy gunner and nullifier)

Live Wire: Shock Enemies within 24 meters while hacking. (Jupiter spy-Rotation A)

Auto Breach: 30% Chance to autohack! (Tier 3 Uranus, Sedna, Neptune and Pluto spies)

Runtime: +45% Sprint Speed after hack. (Kuva spy)

Master Key: Unlock nearby lockers after hacking (Tier 1 Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Phobos spies)

Untraceable: Become invisible for 18s after hacking. (Kuva spy)

Failsafe: 50% Chance to retry a failed hack (Lua Spy)

Assassin Mods

These Mercy Finishers can be obtained when you take down bosses.  You can then use these against enemies marked by red icons above their heads.

Blood for Life: 50% chance to create a Health Orb on Mercy (Vay Hek terra frame)

Blood for Energy: 50% chance to create an Energy Orb on Mercy (Ambulas)

Blood for Ammo: Mercy refills magazine by 100% (Phorid)

Hit and Rune: On Mercy: +60% Parkour speed for 6 seconds (Hyena squad)

Out Of Sight: Blind Enemies with 18 meters on ‘Mercy’ kill (Lt Lech Kril.)


A strike with a specific combination of these mods is the only way you can eliminate the Kuva Lich. You get the combination by performing a mercy finisher on a Lich’s Thralls with the Parazon during a Lich mission.

These mods are obtained as a guaranteed reward from Requiem Relics acquired from Kuva Flood or a 30% reward chance from Kuva Siphons and then refined in Void Fissure missions.

Each of these mods has three charges and the Mod can be broken down into Endo once you’ve used them all up.

  • Lohk
  • Xata
  • Jahu
  • Vome
  • Ris
  • Fass
  • Netra
  • Khra

That’s pretty much all we know about these mods at the moment. We hope this guide has been helpful.