Warframe Operation: Plague Star Guide – 4 Stages, Defeat Hemocytes, Rewards

In this Warframe Operation: Plague Star Guide, we will cover the complete Operation: Plague Star, how to defeat the Hemocytes, and rewards at the end.

In this Warframe Operation: Plague Star Guide, we will cover how to trigger Vay Hek even more and defend against the infested boil that threatens Earth. Operation: Plague Star in Warframe is a returning event and has become better than ever.

Warframe Operation: Plague Star

Okay, so you need to have at least unlocked Cetus on Earth before continuing. We would also recommend getting Radiation or at least Gas effect on your weapon, as they are great at killing Infested.

Personally, I prefer either Arca Plasmor or Ignis Wraith because both are great at killing hordes of people and have great stats.

Warframe Ignis Wraith


Moreover, I would recommend you take a Warframe that can take a hit or two e.g. Frost with his Snow Cube would be a really great choice for the whole team.


Either way, do not ever take Limbo if you do not know how to play with him. Limbo is the one single frame I hate in the entire game. Without further ado, let us begin:

Stage 0

Navigate to Cetus after getting your proper build and readying your team up. Fast-travel to Nakak – she is the little girl who sells mask and triggers the Mask of the Revenant quest. You need to buy the following items from her:

Eidolon Phylaxis

Warframe EidolonPhylaxis

Infested Catalyst

Warframe Infestedcatalyst

After you are done buying these items and crafting them in the Foundry, head out to meet Konzu.

Konzu is the bald guy near the gate to Plains of Eidolon that usually gives out Bounties. He will have a new Bounty boiling for you. After accepting Plague Star Bounty, head to the Plains of Eidolons to start it.

Stage 1

Your first assignment will be to raid the Thrax Toxin storage which will be located in any of the several caves on this map.

Pro Tip: Use Archwings here for faster traveling, it is more efficient

Only one person needs to go down in the cave and raid the Thrax Toxin. The Toxin is stored in a storage unit that is shaped like a three-sided prism with a yellowish color. It is easy to spot it. And that is it.

The first stage of Warframe Operation: Plague Star is done. Easy, right?

Stage 2

Moving onto the second assignment, you will have to head to a Grineer Chemical Mixer. This is where you will prepare the toxin that will foil Vay Hek’s massive attack.

After you reach the location, you will have to open the designated container so you can add the toxin inside the mixer.

Note: You can also add up to 4x Infested Catalyst and 4x Eidolon Phylaxis for better rewards but higher difficulty

After adding the Mixer, you will have to defend the container from oncoming attacks that will last 3 minutes. This is where Frost will help.

His Snow Cube will really help defend from oncoming attacks. After successfully defending, you will be rewarded for your second assignment. And that is it! The second stage of Warframe Operation: Plague Star is done.

Stage 3

In the third assignment, you will have to find a downed Drone that will take your Toxin to the boil.

Travel to the location, find the Grineer Drone and hack it. It will automatically start moving to the location where it has to deploy the Toxin. Do note that you need to defend this Drone while it moves from its original location to the preassigned location.

Enemies will spawn near the drone to try and destroy it.

Limbo will help by sending the Drone to the Void but I do not recommend him if you do not know what you are doing. And that is it! The third stage of Warframe Operation: Plague Star is done. It was a good effort.

Stage 4

In the fourth and final assignment, the boil will react against the toxin that the Drone is trying to insert in it.

You will be faced with hordes of Infested that you will have to defeat until the boil is too weak to resist against the toxin. Be sure to note that following things:

  • For Every Infested Catalyst Mixed With the Toxin, a Hemocyte Will Spawn at Specific Points, Pausing the Percentage Gauge Until Players Defeat It.
  • For Every Eidolon Phylaxis Mixed With the Toxin, Both the Density of the Infested and Their Level Range Increases, Up to Level 30 If 4 Phylaxis Were Added.

Once the Infested Purged Gauge is at 25%, the boil will spawn a Hemocyte – looks very similar to Lephantis. The procedure to defeat the Hemocyte is the same as defeating a fully spawned Lephantis.

Hemocyte is invulnerable and has only one weakness on his heads. There are three heads on a Lephantis i.e. Corpus Head, Grineer Head, and Ancient Head.

Corpus Head
This face is shaped like a Corpus Helmet and is the easiest to kill. His weak spot is his face that opens up when he is trying to attack.

You need to shoot this face as soon as it opens. Beware of the vomit he will throw out as it can damage your Warframe lethally.

Grineer Head
This bad boy (or a head) has a Scythe and another face hidden beneath his skin. This head is the hardest to kill because of his fast animations and smaller hitboxes.

I, personally, recommend either Nova (Slowva Build) with her Molecular Prime or Titania with her Razorwing ability for precise attacks. You need to shoot his greenish face right before he swings his Scythe around.

Ancient Head
This is the weirdest head in my opinion but very easy to kill. His weak spot is the white skin that he will reveal when he flaps his ‘wings’ to shoot his enemies. He has a very big hitbox so a weapon like Arca Plasmor will do a great deal of damage.

And that is it! You have finally defeated the first Hemocyte. Fight off the horde of Infested until the Infested Purged reaches 50%.

  • At 50%, a Second, and Stronger, Hemocyte Will Spawn.
  • Rinse and Repeat Until You Reach 75%.
  • At 75%, a Third, and Far Stronger Than the Second, Hemocyte Will Spawn.
  • Defeat the Emerging Horde. Note: The Number of Leeches in the Horde Will Increase So Be Sure to Stay a Safe Distance From Them.
  • At 99%, the Final and Strongest Hemocyte Will Spawn.
  • He Will Be Very Difficult to Defeat.

Annnd you are done. You have finally completed the Operation: Plague Star!

Reaps and Rewards
For killing the Hemocytes, you will receive any of the following rewards:

Warframe Mods Hemocyte

Additionally, Hemocytes, upon death, will also drop a Hemocyte Cystolith which is a required component for constructing a Clan trophy. Now you are finally free to roam either the plains or head out back into Cetus.

This is all we have in our Warframe Operation: Plague Star. Let us know in the comments what rewards you reaped and what builds you usually use for this bounty.

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