Warframe Market and Trading Guide

While Warframe doesn't have an auction house, players do have some trading options for Warframe.

Warframe has always been a well-loved game due to its payment mode, but the popularity has surged even more due to the advent of the Battle Royale mode for the game. This means that there are a lot of new players in the game and they will definitely need some help understanding the fundamentals. This Warframe Market and Trading Guide will help acquaint you with some of the basics of how you can trade stuff from you to another player. There are quite a few things that you need to be aware of let’s take a look at everything from the trade process to the market system.

How to Trade – Warframe Market Tips

Trading essentially means that a Tenno can exchange one to five items with another Tenno. The number of items that you trade do not need to be equal and can vary depending on the rarity and the price of the items.

To trade with another Tenno, find a trading post. This can be done easily if you head over to the clan dojo or the Maroo’s Bazar. Although there will be a small tax while trading in the latter. Just remember that at least one of the Tenno who is trading needs to be in a clan which has built its own trading post.

Warframe Tradable and Non-Tradable Items

Generally, most of the items are tradable. You can trade all mods of all ranks except the legendary ones. You can also trade all prime warfare bp along with all of your unranked weapons, parts, and mods that you acquire from syndicates.

Coordinates are also tradable as are the special weapon parts that you get from invasions. If we move on to the relics, then Ayatan statues and stars are tradable, as are relics of all refinements. Arcanes and arcane helmets can also be traded. Lastly, you can trade all of the imprints that you acquire for kubrows and kavats.

There are some items which are not tradable though, such as the resources – everything from nitain to endo to kuva – and the regular Warframe parts. Apart from this start platinum cannot be traded and you are unable to trade platinum for platinum. Lastly, forma and orin catalyst and the reactor cannot be traded and their blueprints are held to the same standard.


Limits and Taxes

You will first be given the option to trade when you get to the MR 2 level. The aforementioned mastery rank will determine how many trades you are allowed to perform during the course of a single day. An MR 10 player will be able to trade 10 times a day whereas an MR 12 player will be able to trade 12 times a day.

The tax for a trade will vary between 2000 credits and 10000 credits for every trade that you do. However, a legendary mod will cost you 1000000 credits per mods. Platinum receivables also cause a tax, which is 500 credits for each platinum received. This means that receiving 10 platinum will cost 5,000 credits.

Lastly, a clan may impose a tax for every trade that occurs in their area but that is gone for the most part. Maroo’s Bazar will charge a 10 percent fee on top of a trade tax though.

Warframe Market and Trading Tips

The developers decided not to make an auction house for the game, so the players decided to make one for themselves. This Warframe Market is known as Warframe.Market and you can easily access it through a simple Google search.

This will allow you to find a partner for almost any trade that you want to do. There are a lot of users on the website and this will allow you to find a trade which is suitable for you. Kind of like the CSGO Lounge in its glory days before it became a bot-infested spam.

The only downside to this is that you do not have this option available inside of the game since it is a third-party application. So you need to open your browser and minimize the game before you can access the market.

Doing the trade is easy. Simply locate the item that you want to buy and then sort the limitless number of items that are on the market by their price. Now select the cheapest one or whichever one you prefer and click on the trade icon. This will generate a message for you which you can copy and paste into your Warframe chat window to initiate the trade.

Buying can be done on the market without registering but you need to register if you want to sell items. Occasionally a player will be offline when you message them, do not get frustrated and just get the next cheapest option available as this can sometimes happen.

When selling, you can easily place your item on sale by pressing the sell items button. But you need to remember that you need to be online in the game and set yourself to online on the website if you want your items to show up in the market.

This will ensure that your items can be sold quickly and effortlessly. Lastly, remember to mark your items as sold after you are done selling so as to not inconvenience other players.

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