Warframe Kuva Larvling Guide

As part of Warframe’s latest update, The Old Blood, a new Kuva Lich system has been added to the game that allows players have to have their own personal nemesis haunting them in missions across the Sol system. However, in order to get their nemesis, players have to first spawn a Kuva Larvling in one of Warframe’s missions and this guide will show you how to do that.

Warframe Kuva Larvling

To start off, first you need to have completed The War Within quest of Warframe and as mentioned before, in order to defeat a Larvling it needs to spawn in the mission. Sadly, the spawn of a Kuva Larvling is random however there are some ways you can make the farming method a bit more efficient.

Kuva Larvling can only spawn in a 20+ Grineer mission so that narrows things down. Similarly, if you do a Capture mission like the Cassini on Saturn, due to the mission being short and easy, even if the Larvling doesn’t spawn you can quickly end the mission and start it again.

Killing the Kuva Larvling is the first step to finding your very own Kuva Lich. Once you’re ready to go in the mission, the Larvling should spawn and if it does not, just restart the mission.

Wait for a Kuva Guardian to address you over your comms which will spawn and mark a Kuva Larvling with a red marker. Head to the marker and kill the marked Larvling which should die in one hit. Finish the mission and extract.

Your screen should turn red and your own unique Kuva Lich will be generated. Now open up your menu, and on the bottom right you should see your Lich’s details:

  • Weaknesses
  • Resistance
  • Weapon
  • Weapon Bonus
  • Birthplace
  • Progenitor

You will know the requiem mods needed to kill your Kuva Lich, as well as what aggros them to you.

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