Warframe Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, Free To Play Sci-Fi On The Go

Another exciting news for the Nintendo Switch owners, Warframe is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. This was confirmed during the TennoCon, the annual Warframe conference organized by Digital Extremes.

Warframe is coming to Switch thanks to Panic Button which has previously ported Doom, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Rocket League to the platform.

Warframe is a free to play game which offers an action-packed experience which you can play alone or with friends. Digital Extremes, the developers of the game have supported the game through all these years till now so you won’t be missing out anything.

The quality of the game should not be an issue as Panic Button has been appreciated a lot for their previous ports. According to the official support page, the title will not support cross-play for any platform and will also not give the ability to transfer your account from one platform to another.

Do check out the official announcement trailer for the game above.

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