Warframe Hexenon Farming Guide

How do you efficiently farm Hexanon? If players have had this question, then fear not for this Warframe Hexenon farming guide tries to explain to the player how they can farm hexenon in the game.

Warframe Hexenon Farming

The Jovian Concord update introduced new weapons to Warframe and Hexenon is an important crafting component. Some of the items that require Hexenon are, Fulmin, Komorex, and Cyanex and the Warframe Wisp. Even though the main event for Hexenon is over, you can still use the resource for the weapons and Tenno frame listed earlier.

Hexenon is quite commonly droppable or lootable item on Jupiter. The player can find Hexenon on Jupiter by killing enemies, opening loot containers, and destroying extractor drones.

It can also be earned from playing the Disruption game mode. While on Jupiter the Cameria and Sinai nodes are the best places to farm hexenon, as they have an increased rate of drops,+20% increased drop rate) as compared to other areas and also because they are Dark Sector missions.

The enemy type here is changed to Infested. Players will not encounter Corpus Nullifiers that hinder resource farming abilities. So basically it is an easy farming opportunity.

Additionally, you could:

  • Get the Three-day resource booster, Pilfering Hydroid or Khora.
  • Farm with a full squad if you can. You get more spawns which mean increased chances of drops, Cameria being a Survival mission, the group farming method will work well here.
  • Bring a Nekros built for desecrate, you can find a spot on the map with one entrance, then stay there and all the Infested will come to you. Desecrate allows you to re-roll the loot tables of dead enemies, increasing the number of Plastids you will get.

Just farm as long as you possibly can, to achieve your designated item goal, it takes basically 45 minutes to 60 minutes tops, to get enough hexenon to build the Wasp. We are pretty sure gamers never let go of free loot but still for beginners out there Plastids also have a good chance of dropping from lockers and containers, so make sure you open everything you find.

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