Warframe Grendel Frame Guide

Grendel is a new Tenno Frame in Warframe that can absolutely annihilate enemies. This new addition is named after the Beowolf monster of the same title and shares his appetite for flesh. He will devour his foes whole and can turn into a rolling ball of destruction. We’ve prepared this guide that explains all you need to know about acquiring and using him.

Warframe Grendel

Grendel was initially supposed to be released alongside with Gauss but faced some development issues.

The method of farming this Warframe is different from the others. Visit Grendel’s lore in the Leverian. You do this by heading to Codex, then Universe, and Warframes. Look up his name to open up his entry and then select “Leverian.”

Once that’s done, there are 3 types of locators that you need to find and use to farm this Warframe.

  1. Grendel Neuroptics Locator
  2. Grendel Chassis Locator
  3. Grendel Systems Locator

These keys are found by completing Arbitrations and will get you access to hidden missions on the planet that each Leverian entry mentions. To get the Locators, visit the Arbitration Honors vendor on any Relay. The Locators cost 25 Vitus Essence each, which are picked up as drops during Arbitrations.



+ 50 Armor and even grows in size for every enemy consumed. It also digests an unlimited number of enemies. Moreover, every damage that Grendel encounters is also dealt to the enemies inside his stomach.


Swallow enemies whole at the cost of some energy. Grendel will open his jaws wide and swallow enemies as a whole at the cost of some energy. With unlimited storage for enemies inside his belly, Grendel can suck and store a bunch inside.


If the beast’s belly gets full, you can vomit out the enemy in the form of a bile-filled toxic projectile that can hurt foes. So the energy you waste while feasting is technically recovered this way as you are doing nothing but exhaling and still throwing a great damage.


Consuming enemies allows you to provide buffs to your squad in terms of their Energy, Armor and Damage Multiplier. The buffs are related to the type of enemies being swallowed.


Perhaps one of the key abilities is the Meatball effect. Once you get highly raged, get into Meatball form and Grendel will emit an aura around him, consuming any enemy he hits. Even more positive thing is that the horizon of Aura increases with the number of enemies consumed. However, this ability costs enough energy so must stay vigilant about that.

Attempting Grendel Missions

These missions are tough so we strongly suggest you stick with a group and carry a protection Warframe like Frost, Limbo or Nova.

You can’t access the Zenurik so be sure to keep a Support Warframe on you to create energy, such as Harrow, Octavia, Trinity or Wisp. Keep some more Warframes to do deal damage such Hildryn, Nidus, Revenant or Saryn.

One issue you’ll face during these missions is that weapon damage has been greatly lessened because mods do not function during these missions.

Keep a loadout of weapons with a high rate of fire to compensate for the lack of mods. Syndicate Weapons are a smart choice since they grant you Syndicate Procs such as ones that allow you to get bonus energy. Also, use statuses like Fire and Electricity to stagger the enemy.

That’s pretty much all the information we have regarding Grendel at this time. We hope this guide has been useful.