How to Farm Warframe Gram Prime – Relic Locations, Farming Tips

With the help of our Warframe Weapon Gram Prime Farming Guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about farming its relics.

In this Warframe Guide, our Tenno friends, we will focus on farming for the latest and shiniest Heavy Blade in the game i.e. Warframe Gram Prime. Additionally, we will also discuss the strengths of the weapon. Gram Prime is the primed variant of the original Gram.

Gram Prime features significantly higher damage, critical chance, critical damage, and status chance. It possesses the most damage in all Heavy Blades but the least attack speed. It is a good slam weapon.

Using mods like Berserker and Primed Fury are highly recommended.

Warframe Gram Prime

As with all Primed variants, you can buy either The Primed Vault or farm for its parts through relics. Here is how to farm for Gram Prime, including the relics that will give you Gram Prime parts:

Meso S8 – Gram Prime Blade (Common)
In order to farm for Meso S8, I would recommend IO on Jupiter. It is the fastest way to farm for Meso relics because you can do 5 waves of Defense in 4 minutes or under using Mag or any other good AoE frame with ~50m range.

Meso S8 drops in ‘A’ rotation i.e. Wave 5 and Wave 10. IO also has the highest Oxium drop rate in the first 10 waves. It can round upto about 300-400 Oxium, which is a lot, relatively.


Neo G1 – Gram Prime Handle (Rare)
In order to farm for Neo G1, I would recommend Hydron on Sedna. It is the fastest way to farm for Neo relics because Neo relics drop every 5 rounds for ‘A’ rotation. Using Gara or any other good AoE frame is the fastest way.

Hydron is also the best area to level up your Warframe and weapons.

Additionally, you can also farm for Neo G1 from Hieracon on Pluto if you are in need of Cryotic too. Neo relics drop every ‘B’ rotation on Hieracon which is 6 excavations. So be sure to bring along a strong defensive frame like Limbo.

Axi O4 – Gram Prime Blueprint (Uncommon)
In order to farm for Axi O4, I would recommend Xini on Eris. It may not be the best location but it is indeed the fastest way to farm for Axi relics because of Infested Interception. You get a guaranteed Axi drop every ‘B’ and ‘C’ rotation.

However, if you are also farming for Gram Prime Handle, go for Hieracon on Pluto. You will get Handle in ‘B’ rotation and Axi relic on ‘C’ rotation. It is more efficient this way.

And that is all for our guide on how to farm Warframe Gram Prime relics. Gram Prime is now my favorite Heavy Blade because of its stats and high damage output.

For more of our guides on farming relics, be sure to follow our guide on Chroma Prime and Rubico Prime.

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