Warframe Fortuna Caves Locations Guide

In our Warframe Fortuna Caves Locations Guide, we have detailed everything about finding all 30 caves in the Fortuna update for Warframe.

Finishing the new Kitgun, but need tons of minerals? Fear not! Our Warframe Fortuna Caves Locations Guide is here to save the day. We have listed the locations of all the caves in the vast world of Orb Vallis. Be sure to look RIGHT NOW!

Warframe Fortuna Caves Locations

Tired of the same 13 caves in Plains of Eidolon? 30 new caves have been introduced in Fortuna, and they are all beautiful. But drool not!

We have found the location of each and every cave on the map. Also, be sure to pay respect to Raibatsu who sacrificed two hours of Resource Booster just to help us procure this picture. Thanks, Raibatsu!

Some of the key features of a cave include better chance to find minerals and even undercave fishes. These caves are just full of surprises. If you do not want to get surprised anymore, just head into Orb Vallis and use your K-Drive to find ’em all!

All Cave Locations

The 30 locations in the map have been added in the following image:


Tips and Tricks

Now before you venture into these caves, here are some tips that might help you.

  • The location of the each cave is the exact same location as on the map, but you will have to find the entrance to each cave by yourself.
  • The entrance to each cave is usually close to the cave’s location, so be sure to roam a little.
  • There may be multiple entrances to a single cave.
  • Some caves may have water. Fishes can be found in these waters.
  • The minerals and fishes inside a cave will change locations every time you visit them.
  • Different kind of fishes may drop depending on the time of the day and the atmosphere. Some fishes spawn in Warm weather while some prefer to spawn in Cold weather.
  • Use an ArchWing to greatly decrease the time it might take for you to find the caves. K-Drives are cool and all, but nothing beats ArchWings.
  • You will unlock an achievement “Vallis Spelunker” for completing the following task “Explore all of the caves in Orb Vallis”. If you are an achievement hunter, this guide should have definitely helped you.
  • Two caves in the map are “hidden”. Their entrances cannot be seen on the map. You will have to use your sensory and Eagle Eye vision skills to find them. Look for entrances beneath rocks. Using Volt will be a good choice here.

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