Warframe Devs Prank Fans Into Destroying Public Property

Warframe developer Digital Extreme recently took the opportunity to prank fans into destroying public property.

Digital Extremes was present at TennoCon last weekend to discuss the free to play the game. Afterward, the developers decided to freak out some gamers by showing them a real-life version of Waframe’s Opticor weapon.

The developer released a video on Youtube recently titled “Video Game Weapon Prank”. It showcases the team behind the free-to-play game staged a fun prank on the people of New York.

The prank starts with a typical photo shoot. People were given a replica of Opticor weapon from Warframe and the team told them to aim at a fake police car. Afterward, people were warned to not pull the trigger but that’s when someone behind the scenes uses a remote control to explode the nearby police car and mailbox.

To scare everyone, the police car was cut in half. Now when that happened, everyone was shocked and left embarrassed. In short, the prank manages to get some pretty good reactions out of the crowd.

For those who don’t know, Waframe’s Opticor weapon is actually capable of cutting cars in half in the game. Opticor is considered as the game’s most powerful single-shot weapon. Apparently, not everyone in New York knew about the capabilities of Opticor weapon. If they did, maybe they would have known what was about to happen.

Interested folks can check out the video below to see price priceless expressions.

Without a doubt, the above prank is certainly unusual for advertising a free game but it did turn out well. Warframe director Michael Krivicka told TechCrunch that the props used in this prank were created by firm A2ZFX. Krivicka also told that this prank was staged in a “very controlled environment”.

As for the game, Digital Extreme continues to support it after years of release. There’s an event called Warframe Ghoul Purge which happens in the game on the Plains of Eidolon every few weeks.

Warframe is free to play game available on platforms like Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. As for the question does Warframe support crossplay? The answer is No. However, the developer previously made it clear that it’s working on solutions to make cross-play happen.

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