How to Capture Animals on Cambion Drift in Warframe

In this guide, we will go over the process of capturing animals on Cambion Drift in Warframe, utilizing the Conservation feature in the newly playable area.

How to Capture Animals on Cambion Drift in Warframe

First things first, before we get to capturing and conserving in Cambion Drift, you should be aware of the Conservation feature of Warframe.

Conservation basically is a quite salient feature of Warframe, involving tracking, luring, and capturing of the local animals.

The reason why this is called ‘Conservation’ is that by doing so, you actually protect the animals from the habitat destruction caused due to the activities carried out by the Corpus and Grineer factions.

Our Guide below will walk you through how capturing and conserving works in Cambion Drift. So let’s get started!

Initiating the Animal Hunt

Before you head to the Cambion Drift, you must have a Tranq rifle in your Arsenal.


You can buy it from The Business, once you have 500 Standing with Solaris United in Fortuna.

For all the animals in the Cambion Drift except the Velocipods, you’ll need echo-lures to get their location on the map, and only then you’ll be able to track, capture, and conserve them.

As far as Velocipods are concerned, once you enter Cambion Drift, you’ll surely see one of those bugs flying in the air.

Just shoot it down with your Tranq rifle, interact with it to have Son take it away, and conserve it.

On the contrary, for other animals, you must purchase their specific lures from Son to be able to get to them.

You’ll find Son in the Necrasilk marked on the Mini-map.

Once you’ve 500 Standing with the Entrati, you’ll be able to buy Cryptilex Lure, which will be the first of the lures you’ll acquire.

As soon as you get your hands on it, markers will appear on the Mini-map, indicating to you the position where you need to begin the conservation mission for the animal associated with that lure.

The animals that you capture and ultimately, conserve, vary in their rarity. If you’re someone who loves the sight of rare animals, try buying the Phermone Gland for 150 Standing and use it just before you use the lure.

It will cause the rarity of the animal you may catch to heighten up!

Tracking, Capturing and Conserving

The dropping of the animals, you’ll have a lure for, will appear as blue icons on the mini-map, leaving tracks for you to follow.

Before you decide to pursue any of these animals, make sure you use a Warframe that has the ability to sneak away if needed so that the target doesn’t spot him.

Ivara should be your first choice for the Warframe. Other than her, Ash and Loki are some decent options as well.

Remember to mod whichever option you go with for duration, as you will need to get invisible to keep the animal from spotting you.

Now that everything is set, proceed to any of the blue icon marked on the mini-map.

Interact with the trail that will lead you to the calling point. You can locate the calling point even with the Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner.

Once you’ve arrived on the calling point, use the Echo-lure for that creature to lure it out.

You’ll soon hear the calls of the animals as it makes its way to the calling point. Immediately, use your Warframe’s ability to get invisible.

Remember that your scent can also be carried to the creature you are targeting, making it suspicious.

To avoid this, you need to keep track of the wind direction and adjust yourself accordingly.

Now, take the shot on your target using your Tranq rifle to tranquilize it.

Quickly approach it and call for a remote pickup to have it taken away for conservation as the tranquilization works for a very short span of time.

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