Warframe Update For PS4 and Xbox One Brings Star Ship Customization, Dynamic Weather, and More

It has been a year since the addition of Ghoul Hunting in Warframe for PC players but now it is in scope for the Console players as well. Warframe`s latest update introduces Ghoul Hunting, dynamic weather and customizable on-ship living quarters.

With the new Open World Map, there is a lot of freedom induced in the game now.  Exploring the tough terrains and diverse landscapes are just tip of the iceberg.

The melancholic new rivals now travel in packs and are much more competitive and specialize in close combats. Ghoul Alert helps you encounter them, if you are up for the heat; or through invasion or specific bounties so you can have a taste of their ruthlessness.

There are four very versatile types of Ghouls, each darker than the other one.

Rictus Ghoul uses and is able to ride a Chainsaw which is fear-inducing for the player. Meanwhile, Auger Ghoul has Dual Drills that give him the power to rip open the Earth and teleports to perform an ambush. Next, we have is the Ghoul  Devourer that can perform a rapid Jetpack Rush.

and finally, the resurrecting one, Expired Ghoul can detonate itself in close confines.

The enemies sound fierce but the update does come with four new weapons are more than capable of taking down these ghouls. The close-range Shotgun is known as Corinth, the Steel bladed rotatory resembles a fan like structure called Gunsen, four barrelled Quartakk, and a secondary weapon known as Stubba.

New weather effects have been added to change the dynamics of the maps. The dynamic weather includes Rain, Lighting, and Thunder.

The ever-changing Wind and cloud patterns to the plains of Eidolon are there to spice things up. It is to be noted that the change in weather has its effects on the Gameplay. Reducing the visibility and increased fish spawns are part of the new dynamics at play here.

Changes and additions made through this new update are identical to the ones we saw on PC. PC players always enjoy most of the updates like “Echoes of the Sentient” but now this one comes enrich player experience on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So you better watch out if you need to survive in this hostile world. After a hard day of taking down the Ghouls, you can escape from this never-ending hostility by using your living quarters on your Star Ship. These private chambers provide you the escape you need form the battles that are just out the door. You can personalize your chambers and add a comforting touch to your liking.

These updates should be available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.