Warcraft Movie is Being Taken Very Passionately – Legendary Pictures

Movie based on widely popular game World of Warcraft named “Warcraft” is well under development under the banner of Legendary Pictures. The movie will be directed by Duncan Jones who is well-known for his work on the movies like Source Code and Moon.

In an interview with IGN, the CEO of Legendary Pictures Thomas Tull shed some light on the upcoming Warcraft Movie.

First of all he said that anything under their banner has to be great. The movie is not just focused on the players of the game but it will be a great two hours experience for anyone who shows up to watch it.

He said that Blizzard was really helpful and “we have an amazing relationship” with each other. It would have difficult to make a movie of just a game but the people at Blizzard has so many books written which gives a real deep story and history behind every main character of the game.

These books helped in better creation of script and that was the reason we were able to get a director like Duncan Jones on board.

He continued that there was no way we were going to settle for some average movie so that it will attract just some of the hardcore fans of the game. There was a lot of time put into the development of the script and now we have started to work because it is ready.


Tull wants the movie to be an immersive experience for all the viewers and is very excited to show the fans the final result with the trailer when it arrives.

He also mentioned that the movie is being taken very seriously and we are as passionate about the project as the fans of the game. The people will “have a great experience and love these characters”.

We will keep you posted as more information on the movie Warcraft becomes available. What are your thoughts on the Movie?

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