Warcraft 3 Reforged Buildings Guide

Buildings and structures play an importing role in any RTS game and Warcraft 3 is no different. This guide will give you a breakdown of all the Warcraft 3 Reforged Buildings that you can build as various races.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Buildings

Before you can create these buildings in WC3 Reforged, you will have to possess enough resources including Food, Lumber, Gold and yes Time.

The aim of this guide is to provide you with all the necessary detail that you must know in order to build them. The overall guide has been divided into races and the stats of the building from each race.

The WC3 Reforged building stats have been shared below and are separated by race! So it will be easier for you to decide how you wish to use your resources. The Stats are explained as follows

  • HP referring to Health Points which depletes upon taking damage
  • Armor refers to the Armor value
  • Speed refers to speed on ground or in air
  • Attack Type refers to either Ground Attack or Arial Attack depending on the Unit
  • Defense Type refers to type of defense the unit uses and how much damage it can take
  • Damage refers to amount of damage your unit can deal to enemy
  • Cool refers to cool down between attacks. This determines your attack speed
  • Range refers to how far you can attack
  • Cost refers to resources that you use to build the units like Time, Gold, Lumber and Food

Human Buildings

Among the Human race, you will surely see a lot of Barracks, Arcane Sanctums and Gryphon Aviary reason being that these buildings are responsible for building most units!

So place these building so they are out of enemy’s reach. The buildings that you can build with this race in Warcraft 3 along with stats are as follows

Building     Gold Lumber Build Time
 Altar of Kings  180  50  60s
 Arcane Sanctum  150  140  70s
 Arcane Tower  100  70  50s
 Arcane Vault  130  30  60s
 Blacksmith  140  60  70s
 Cannon Tower  150  120  65s
 Castle  1065  625  140s
 Farm  80  20  35s
 Guard Tower  100  70  50s
 Keep  705  415  140s
 Lumber Mill  120  0  60s
 Scout Tower  30  20  25s
 Town Hall  385  205  180s
 Workshop 140  140  60s

Orc Buildings

The Orcs usually uses the Barracks, Spirit Lodges, Taurem Totem and Beastiary to make units. Use the Orcs Borrows to protect your structures.

Watch Towers do add a bit more to defense but are not as effective as Human and Undead race towers in WC3 Reforged.

Buildings Gold Lumber Build Time
 Altar of Storms  180 50 60s
 Beastiary  145  140  60s
 Fortress  1025  565  140s
 Great Hall  385  185  150s
 Orc Burrow  160  40  50s
 Spirit Lodge  150  135  70s
 Stronghold  700  375  140s
 Tauren Totem  135  155  70s
 Voodoo Lounge  130  30  60s
 War Mill  205  0  70s
 Watch Tower  110  80 60s

Undead Buildings

Crypt, Temple of the Damned and Slaughterhouse makes most of the units for this race. Boneyard produces Frost Wyrms in Warcraft 3 Reforged.

You can further use Ziggurat, your food producing farm as a defense tower which can be upgraded to absorb more damage.

Building Gold Lumber Build Time
 Altar of Darkness 180  50  60s
 Black Citadel 870  440  140s
 Boneyard  175  200 70s
 Crypt  200  50  60s
 Graveyard  215  0  80s
 Halls of the Dead  545  210  140s
 Haunted Gold Mine  225  210  100s
 Necropolis  225  0  90s
 Nerubian Tower  250  70  30s
 Sacrificial Pit  75  150  45s
 Slaughterhouse  140  135  60s
 Spirit Tower  295  90  35s
 Temple of the Damned  155  140  60s
 Tomb of Relics  130  30  60s
 Ziggurat  150 50 50s

Night Elf Buildings

This Warcraft 3 race uses Ancient of Wind, Lore and War to produce all the units it requires for its build. The same structures can be uprooted and be shifted to new locations but the traveling time is slow.

The Moon Well can restore your Unit’s HP and Mana when near it which will be beneficial when battling near your base in WC3 Reforged.

Building Gold Lumber Build Time
 Altar of Elders  180  50 60s
 Ancient Protector  135  80 55s
 Ancient of Lore  155  145  70s
 Ancient of War  150  60  60s
 Ancient of Wind  150  140  60s
 Chimaera Roost  140  190  80s
 Entangled Gold Mine  0  0  60s
 Hunter’s Hall  210  100  60s
 Moon Well  180  40  50s
 Tree of Ages  660  365  140s
 Tree of Eternity  990  565  140s
 Tree of Life  340  185  120s