War Thunder Goes Mobile Through OnLive Streaming Service

Aerial combat game War Thunder has been added to the line-up of available OnLive games. It’s currently only playable through one of the game streaming service’s models.

Specifically, you’ll need a subscription to OnLive’s CloudLift feature to play the game. This is a monthly fee of $7.95 that lets you connect to games on any device capable of handling OnLive.

This means that you can play War Thunder on a laptop, TV or even through selected Android releases. It would be rather impressive to see this graphical powerhouse run on mobile devices.

OnLive is a service that takes the brunt of processing power off users and instead lets them stream gameplay in high definition easily. Of course, there’s a catch, since your performance is measured by how powerful your internet connection is.

Still, that’s something that’s much easier to accomplish than having an expensive gaming rig. Plus, who doesn’t like fast internet, right?

This partnership through Onlive’s CloudLift does put War Thunder in a rather odd spot, however, since the game is normally free to play. It’s not exactly free, if you’re paying a fee per month.

CloudLift does offer a 7-day free trial for those who would be interested in trying it out. Through cloud saves, progress can also be picked up wherever you are.

Regarding the news, developer Gaijin Entertainment’s Anton Yudintsev stated:

OnLive’s CloudLIft service allows War Thunder fans to take their gaming with them on their connected mobile devices. There is no sacrificing of gameplay.  From your connected device you will get the same War Thunder experience you would at home sitting in front of your personal rig.

All player progress and purchases instantly sync to your account.

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