The Walking Dead: Our World Buildings Guide – How To Build, Things To Remember, Getting More Survivors

In the post-apocalyptic world, the world has been overrun with zombies who are a continuous threat. Every life matters and rehabilitation is your goal. This brings us to a core mechanic of the game, the different types of buildings. Since you are more likely to come across this feature often, it is important to note which rewards each type of the building holds for you. Read below to get to know everything about these buildings with The Walking Dead: Our World Buildings Guide.

The Walking Dead: Our World Buildings

Buildings are places where you can utilize your survivor cards to get huge bonuses including rewards for upgrading your weapons and gear. Each building contributes to what could eventually form an entire community of survivors. You are free to choose where to start construction of a building.

This process is possible with the use of Building Tokens that you can acquire by playing through the challenges titled ‘Infestations’. The more you play, the more the chances for rehabilitation go up. Every building can be one of the four categories: Armory, Shelter, Trading Post, and Warehouse. Each building requires 10 tokens of that respective building type.

For combat purposes, the Armory can be built to provide weapon cards each time you rescue a survivor and drop him off here. When it comes to your character however, you will be granted Hero Cards for securing a survivor in Shelter building.

Trading Posts will boost your coin tally that are required for upgrading both weapons and the character. Lastly, the Warehouse will reward you with some unique and rare perks for helping a survivor and allowing him to stay in the building.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is a dynamic leveling up of the buildings involved that will require you to bring in more and more survivors each time if you are looking to upgrade the level and thus boost the rewards as well. This, therefore, can be very useful for farming coins.

If you have remained idle for 10 days or focused on doing something else than bringing in survivors for shelter in these buildings for the same duration of time, then you will have reset the entire progress.

This 10-days’ time limit will apply only if you have not leveled up a single time in that time duration. Therefore, you will continuously need to help more and more survivors if you are not looking to lose a whole lot of progress.

Getting More Survivors

With such an emphasis on rescuing survivors and almost on a back-to-back basis, you will need to find some consistent ways of bringing in survivors. Thankfully, the Rescue Missions have been designed just for this sole purpose so take on as many of them as you can. A ‘waving survivor’ icon on the map will indicate these missions.

Simply help the survivor by clearing out the walkers and take him or her back to any of the buildings.

If you are facing a hard time doing all of this on your own, you can use the help of Leaders or other players in the area who will contribute to this cause and share the rewards received.

The person who constructed the building in the first place will be titled the Founder but the one who has done the most hardwork in terms of number of survivors brought in will be called the Leader. These are all the ways you can populate your buildings with more survivors and thus maximize benefits and the rewards you get for the deed.

This is all we have in our The Walking Dead: Our World Buildings Guide. If you have anything else to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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