VRR Confirmed For PS5, Can Be Enabled For All Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment is ready to fulfill its promise of adding support for variable refresh rate (VRR) on PlayStation 5 consoles.

In a new blog post to detail a software update that went live for PlayStation consoles earlier today, Sony officially announced that VRR is “planned to release on PlayStation 5 in the coming months”.

Sony also pointed out that all previously released PlayStation 5 games will need to be updated by their respective developers to make use of VRR.

That being said, players will still be able to force VRR for games that do not support the feature at their own risk. Doing so should “improve video quality for some games” but in the case of “unexpected visual effects”, players will need to wait until the games are patched to be fully optimized with VRR.

VRR enhances visual performance by reducing screen tearing, frame rate stuttering, and input lag to make games feel smoother and crispier. The feature works by syncing the refresh rate of a television or monitor with the graphical output of a PlayStation 5 console.

However, players should keep in mind that the final results will vary depending on their display and the game they are playing.

Sony expects all PlayStation 5 games to release with VRR support in the future. More details will be provided soon, including a list of games that will be the first to be patched with VRR support.

Earlier in the month, a VRR firmware update was rolled out for the entire 2021 lineup of Bravia XR-powered television sets. The update sparked hope that Sony will soon be rolling out a VRR update for PlayStation 5 as well.

It has been more than a year since Sony promised to bring the feature for its PlayStation 5 flagship console. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on the other hand were both launched with VRR support. Any PC with a reasonably new gaming graphics card will support VRR as well.

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