VRChat Beginners Guide – Getting Started, Moving Around, Interaction, Worlds

The new online community of VRChat has gotten people really attached to it due to its extreme level of immersion. You can access it using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, WMR or any regular PC peripherals. You can do anything with your created avatar and make some great friends on the way. This is what this VRChat Beginners Guide is all about!

This VRChat Beginners Guide will explain how you can utilize the application and get the most out of it. VRChat can seem a bit overwhelming when you log into it for the first time so this guide will help you get started.

Getting Started with VRChat – VRChat Beginners Guide

When you log into VRChat for the first time, you will be greeted with a log-in screen where you can use your steam account or create a brand-new account for use.

You need an official account if you plan to use their SDK to upload new content. Now let’s take a look at how you can move around and interact with the stuff available to you in the game.

Moving Around

You can use the left touchpad on the Vive and WMR to control your movement or the left joystick on the Oculus Touch. You can get an out of body experience when you move ahead.

Tilt and Turn your controller to avoid obstacles in your way. Once you have seen your avatar go where you want to be, simply release the touchpad and you will instantly teleport to that location.


There are tons of items for you to interact with. You can pick them up and learn to use them. If you want to let go of an item, press the grip button to do so. When interacting with other players, you can use your built-in headset and hear the 3D sound around you.

Most of the people are friendly, but you can mute players you do not want to talk to by opening the quick menu, aiming at the player you want to mute and then pressing the button again. You can toggle your microphone in the same way.

When adding friends, you can open up your quick menu, point at the other person and then select the add as friend option. This will allow you to stay in touch. You can check for requests that you have received in the same way by opening the quick menu and selecting Social from the options in the top row.


You have a hub created for you when you log in, a hub will have a maximum of 16 players. If there is no one in your hub, just wait for a few minutes for people to show up. You can enter a different world by opening your quick menu and selecting the worlds button. Then select a world and step through the portal to teleport to the new world.

Before we end, remember that the game has a lot of bugs and is still in early access. If you are stuck somewhere, open up your menu and click respawn to give it another go.

That is all we have for our VRChat Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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