Making the Volcano Erupt in the New Journey to Un’Goro Board

As we have come to expect from the release of every expansion pack, Blizzard introduced a brand new Journey to Un’Goro board last week.

Themed around the original crater from the World of Warcraft universe; the board comprises the jungle, tribal drums, and a volcano that is brimming with molten magma. Keeping in mind that players have always been able to interact with the board by simply clicking on the elements, many were wondering whether they can somehow make the volcano erupt.

Posting on Reddit last week, senior game designer Mike Donais confirmed that the feat can be achieved but the method is a secret interaction carefully hidden away by the developer.

Today, a member from the Hearthstone community managed to discover that secret. Here is how you make the volcano erupt in the new Journey to Un’Goro board.

There are four different tribal drums located in the bottom-right portion of the board, each with a unique musical note. What players must do is bang on the drums in a specific sequence that matches the official Journey to Un’Goro theme song.

The following must be done in order:

  • Hearthstone drum
  • Bottom-right leaf
  • Turtle shell
  • Bottom-right leaf
  • Top-right leaf

Once done, there will be a sudden audio clip of birds flapping their wings to quickly get away as the volcano begins to get hotter. The music of the Journey to Un’Goro board will also change in dramatic fashion, leading to the eruption of the volcano and embers landing on the board.

The following video shows the drum pattern and eruption:

Journey to Un’Goro released for Hearthstone earlier this month. The launch could have gone smoother since there was a brief period of downtime due to a large number of users trying to get into the servers as the same time.

In addition, there was also outcry over duplicate cards being obtained through the card packs. Blizzard has since then clarified that the system is working as intended.

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