Video Games Can Foster Learning in Classrooms, Recent Scientific Study Claims

According to a new scientific study, teachers believe that use of Video Games in classrooms can foster learning process.

Video Games are often seen and perceived as “Bad” in our society. However, there have been plenty of scientific studies proving this notion wrong as Video Games can in fact be quite beneficial. It all depends on how you use this medium. Scholars, teachers and scientists have been exploring ways to use Video Games as a learning medium. Many teachers have found Video game as useful medium to improve the learning process in classrooms.

Now, a recent scientific study/survey (published in Hyliyon) has deduced that use of Video Games in classrooms can foster learning.

Although video games are increasing their presence in teens/children’s private entertainment and there is ample evidence to support their educational possibilities, they are seldom introduced in classrooms. One of the least studied factors relative to the insertion of video games in curricula is teachers’ conceptions on their effectiveness to foster learning.

The study used a questionnaire and it was answered by 596 Spanish teachers. After the data collection, they applied ANOVA (a survey test technique) and multiple regression technique for the deductions. The study deduced that there is a need to strengthen educational programs and teacher trainings to incorporate video games as a medium of learning in classrooms. Moreover, teachers believe that Video Games can be a good learning source under teacher’s guidance as compared to private play.

Teachers believe that video games promote more learning when played with an epistemic goal, mediated by scaffolding and especially under the teacher’s guidance, compared to pragmatic play related to completion and success in the game. They also consider video games to mainly promote verbal information learning, procedural learning, and finally attitude learning, with the latter being less probable.

Like anything else, excess of gaming can have negative effects however, if used in a controlled manner, gaming can be a good medium for learning and teaching. Some institutes are already using video games for learning purposes and we might see this trend become more common in future.

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