Upcoming Video Game Movies Adaptations That Can Break The Video-Game-Movies Curse

In this article, we have discussed best upcoming video game movies adaptations that have the potential to break the video-game-movies curse.

Bringing video games to life has not seen quite the success, like ever. The highest rated video game adaptation to date is Rampage according to Rotten Tomatoes, and it is 52%. Yes, all video game films ever to be on the big screen are terrible for both the audience and critics alike. We look at some of the video game movies coming this year and beyond which have some potential in breaking the video game-to-film adaptation curse.

Video Game Movies Adaptations

The past year has somewhat seen an improvement for video game films in particular. Both Rampage and Tomb Raider have been somewhat mediocre films, mediocre and not outright terrible. Assassin’s Creed was poised to be a good film with the talented cast and director Justin Kurzel (Macbeth) at the helm.

Too bad it turned out to be a turd. Warcraft, I personally liked, even though that opinion was not so popular. Maybe the years to come will bring in some gems that can finally shine. Let us take a look!

The Division

With a talented cast of Oscar Nominees leading the film: Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain, a plot that is actually viable in today’s era and from Deadpool 2’s director, David Leitch, we are excited about this film.

Moreover, Ubisoft seems to be spending on it quite much so it will have high production values at the very least. Expect the movie to come out sometime in 2019 and be surprised if we get it in December this year.


Sony has long been teasing us with the production of an Uncharted film. The idea seems similar to the likes of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider but what could make this rather unique is the charismatic and witty character of Nathan Drake.

We have been presented to a fan-made Uncharted film thanks to Nathan Fillion, should Sony cast him to secure the perfect character-actor choice? As of now, Tom Holland and Bryan Cranston are set to star in what could be a good origins story for Nathan Drake.

Call of Duty

War films can be a bit tricky but with the right amount of patriotism, humor, and well-choreographed and captured action-sequences can seal the deal. Most of all, a unique and fresh plot would be encourage. Now we know on paper, the idea of a Call of Duty film sucks, in fact, a film released in 2016 about Call of Duty was actually terrible.

However, what has excited us is leaks stating Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are being scouted for lead roles. Sicario’s 2 director is also in talks to direct the film. The plot is said to be a hybrid of all the ones Call of Duty has done over the years including Black Ops and Modern Warfare series, intriguing!

Call of Duty
Maybe a plot taking place in different settings, in a non-linear format? Of course, you need to wait until 2019 or even later for the film to actually come out.

God of War

The reboot was immensely successful and there is not a better time to cash in on a film for any studio looking forward to it. Jason Momoa has already expressed his interest in playing Kratos. No wonder a battle between gods on a scale unlike any other screams ‘blockbuster hit’.

Of course, Clash of Titans and Wrath of Titans had plots which were all over the place; the God of War film can take inspiration from the reboot and tell a more personal story but never dumbing down on its brutal action. A Witcher series is already in the works at Netflix, so we would want to see either a film or a TV series involving our favorite god-killing god, Kratos.

Gears of War

Now for a hard sci-fi horror action flick, nothing would be so cinematic and badass than a Gears of War film. Strong and lean warrior characters, check. Huge futuristic firearms, check. Hordes of creative monsters and terrifying creatures, check. The prospect is all there and so does Universal Pictures realize because it has started production on it.

Gears of War
Furthermore, the writer on the project, Shane Salerno is co-writing the sequels for Avatar so he is decent enough. Halo TV series is being headed at Showtime, so sci-fi shooters are coming to the silver screen.

Splinter Cell

Still, in its early stages, the stealth-action thriller is set to star Tom Hardy as the iconic Sam Fisher. Basil Iwanyk who worked on John Wick 2 will produce the film.

Splinter Cell
A stealth-based film is not a concept that has been done many times, so there are many opportunities. The film will still be PG-13 for attracting a larger audience but it can still stir and emote feelings of terror, tension and dread like Sicario masterfully did.

Metal Gear Solid

Now if one film can really be a game changer for video game adaptations, it would be this one. The Metal Gear series remains to have the most convoluted and yet captivating storytelling.

In fact, the plot is so detailed that this might be the toughest video game to put into a movie. Fear not, we have director Jordan Vogt-Roberts working on it and he has already shown he has a nice eye when it comes to visuals and cinematography – Kong: Skull Island.

Moreover, he is one of the biggest fans of the series and has been in frequent communication with the game’s creator, Hideo Kojima, they are pals!

The director knows the responsibility that lies on his shoulders and he has promised to do the legacy of the series justice. With the right amount of Metal Gear DNA, Kojima’s weird humor and the depth to each character in the game series, the film could finally be the one to end the curse of video game films being a total waste of time.

These are some of the video game movies adaptations we are looking forward to. Have any other picks that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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